Monday, September 20, 2010

Wonderful Food Creations

 Death Star Watermelon

Watermelon carved to look like the Death Star from Star Wars

Snack Food Stadium

Super Bowl football stadium made entirely out of snack food

Crocodile Sandwich

Awesome sandwich created by Mark Northeas from Funky Lunch

Salmon Plane

Creative plane sculpted our of raw salmon fish by De Witte

Watermelon Helmet

Clever helmet made out of a watermelon for a fashion photo series


Cool banana art inspired by Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelley

Bread Alligator

Creative alligator shaped bread sculpture is too cool to eat

Caterpillar Cupcakes

Cupcake party train 

Death Star Cookie

Darth Vader loves to start his day by eating Death Star cookies

Rice Dog

Cute dog made from rice is taking a bath in a plate of potato soup

Twitter Fail Whale Cake

Wonderful fail whale Twitter cake created by Mariana Pugliese

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