Tuesday, July 13, 2010


"I will Always Prefer 1st Place"

How about You?

"5th Place"

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Popular with both adults and teens, this site offers a myriad of online videos on just about any topic imaginable. Search by keyword or link to additional related titles from the current video you're viewing. Sign up for free and upload your own videos or share and bookmark your favorite videos. The community area helps with directions and the ability to find out how to perform different tasks at YouTube. Not sure how to upload your own video? The community is the place to ask.

"4th Place"
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Facebook is a social network created to connect people. First made popular by college and high school students, Facebook is used today by people of all ages. Sign up for a free account and start uploading photos and writing notes. You can also visit other Facebook user pages and get news and insight into a variety of topics. Once you register, you'll be able to search for old friends and connect online or seek out new friends.

"3rd Place"

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Yahoo is a multi-faceted resource for Internet users, from the advanced search engine functions to free e-mail. You can easily customize your home page and access local weather, news and events. Yahoo also offers shopping, information on automobiles and real estate. Yahoo offers a question and answer area with a wealth of information. Sign up to ask questions or answer questions and collect points. Old questions and answers are archived for future reference.

"2nd Place"

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Google has become such a popular search engine that people have coined the phrase "Googling" to describe searching for topics on the Internet. In addition to serving as one of the top search engines, you can get maps and directions to a variety of destinations, read news articles on today's hot topics and benefit from an excellent online shopping mall where you can compare prices and read customer reviews on products and retailers. Google also has an email system called Gmail that is free.

"The Winner"

"1st Place Goes to...."

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Monday, July 12, 2010

July Desktop

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World Cup Football PJ ;)

Argentina ka MESSI

Brazil ka KAKA

Wah Wah !!

Argentina ka MESSI

Brazil ka KAKA

Dono Team Ho Gai Bahar

Ab Karo Waka Waka :))

And here is da thought for the day....

Its not important to go to
heaven after we leave the world.....
But its important to create
heaven before we leave the world.

Lauki Juice can be injurious to health

Lauki Juice can be injurious to health

Lauki juice or bottle gourd juice can be harmful for health? Yes, says doctors at a private hospital.

A CSIR scientist died after consuming bottle gourd and bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach in New Delhi. The 60-year-old scientist Sushil Kumar and his wife had been consuming the bottle gourd juice for more than four years to keep their diabetes in control.

According to Dr M P Sharma, Head of the Department, Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine at Rockland Hospital, the couple had diabetes problem. But Sushil Kumar passed away after the consumption of bottle gourd juice, whereas, his wife complained of vomiting blood and severe diarrhoea, but had a narrow escape. The doctors conducted an endoscopy on his wife and found her entire stomach was inflamed. There were ulcers in her stomach.

Dr Sharma said the vegetables and fruits from the cucumber family have harmful toxins called tetracyclic triterpenoid cucurbitacins compound, which is responsible for the bitter taste.

However, the doctor suggests that old people having diabetes and other problems may go for bottle gourd juice removing the bitter part of the vegetable. Because higher levels of cucurbitacins compound causes harm to health due to either improper storage of vegetables or high temperature. Dr. Sharma said that the bitter parts of fruits are traditionally cut apart and not consumed. In case of vegetables, cooking helps to destroy such toxins.

Doctors said that two more such cases have been reported earlier in India — one at the Himalayan Institute in Dehradun and another from Ahmedabad. "Higher levels of cucurbitacins compounds are triggered by high temperature, wide temperature swings and also due to improper storage of vegetables," said a doctor.
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Heart Touching SMS

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Phool bankar muskarana zindagi,
muskarake gum bhulana zindagi,
jeet kar koi khush ho to kya hua,
haar kar khushiya manana bhi zindagi...

Aapki muskan hamari kamzori hai,
Keh na pana hamari majburi hai,
Aap kyon nahin samajhte is khamoshi ko,
Kya khamoshi ko zuban dena zaruri hai?

Ikraar mein shabdon ki ehmiyat nahi hoti,
Dil ke jazbaat ki awaaz nahi hoti,
Aankhen bayaan kar deti hain dil ki daastan,
Mohabbat lafzon ki mohtaaz nahi hoti!

Kitna bhi chaho na bhol paoge
Kitna bhi chaho na bhol paoge
Hum se jitna dur jao nazdik pao ge
Humein mita sakte ho to mita do
yaadein meri, magar..
kya sapno se juda kar pao ge humein.

Yaadon ki parchayee mein ab to aaye tera hi cehra
Tu abhi tak iss baat se hai anjaan main hoon deewana tera
Izhaar-e-mohabaat karne to bahot baar socha maine
Par har baar tere hi aks ne roka hai rastaa mera

Na chaho kisi ko itna ki
chahat aapki majburi ban jaye,
chaho kisi ko itna ki aapka pyaar
uske liye jaruri ban jaye

Pani main pathar mat pheko
Koi pani pita hai
Pani main pathar mat pheko
Koi pani pita hai
Apne chehre par muskuhart sajaye rakha karo
Koi isi muskan ke liye jita hai

Sabhi nagme saaz mein gaye nahi jaate,
sabhi log mehfil mein bulaaye nahi jaate,
kuch paas reh kar bhi yaad nahi aate,
kuch dur reh kar bhi bhoolaye nahi jaate...

Har pal ne kaha ek pal se...
Pal bhar ke liye aap mere samne aa jao...
pal bhar ka saath kuch aisa ho...
ki har pal tum hi yaad aao...

Humse door jayoge kaise,
Dil se hume bhulayoge kaise,
Hum to vo khusboo hain jo aapki
saanso mein baste hain,
Khud ki saanso ko rok payoge kaise

Jab tanhai me aapki yaad aati hai,
Hontho pe ek hi fariyad aati hai...
Khuda aapko har khushi de,
Kyonki aaj bhi hamari har khushi aapke baad aati hai..

Talaash Karo koi tumhe mil jayega,
Magar hamari tarha tumhe kaun chahega,
Zarur koi chahat ki nazar se tumhe dekhega,
Magar ankhein hamari kahan se layega..!!

Jab Khamosh Aankho Se Baat Hoti Hai
Aise Hi Mohabbat Ki Suruwat Hoti Hai
Tumhare Hi Khayalo Mein Khoye Rehte Hain
Pata Nahi Kab Din Kab Raat Hoti Hai

Khud Ko Khud Ki Khabar Na Lage,
Koi Achha B Is Kadar Na Lage,
Aap Ko Dekha Hai Bas Us Nazar Se,
Jis Nazar Se Aap Ko Nazar Na Lage...

Zarurat hi nai alfaaz ki,
pyaar to cheez hai bas ehsaas ki,
paas hote to manzar hi kya hota,
dur se hi khabar hai hume aapki har saans ki...

Kashish honi chahiye kisi ko yaad karne ki,
lamhe to apne aap mil jayenge,
waqt hona chahiye kisi ko milne ka,
bahane to apne aap hee mil jayenge.

Lamhe judai ke bekarar karte hain,
Haalat meri mujhe laachar karte hain,
Aankhe meri pad lo kabhi,
Ham khud kaise kahe ki
hum aapse pyaar karte hain.

Ajeeb si kashish hai aap me
Ki hum aap k khayalon me khoye rehte hai
Ye soch kar k aap khawabo me aao ge
Hum din me bhi soya karte hai.

Badalna aata nahi humko mousmo ki tarah
Har ek roop main tera intezaar karte hain
Na tum samet sakogi jise qayamat tak
Kasam tumhari tumhe itna pyar karte hain.

Apke aane se zindagi kitni khubsoorat hai,
Dil me basayi hai jo woh apki hi surat hai,
Dur jaana nahi humse kabhi bhulker bhi,
Hume har kadam per aapki zarurat hai.

Lamhe ye suhane saath ho na ho,
kal me aaj jaisi koi baat ho na ho,
aapka pyar hamesha is dil mei rahega,
chahe poori umar mulaqat ho na ho..

Na kabhi muskurahat tere hothon se duur ho..
Teri har khwahish haqiqat ko manzoor ho..
Ho jaye jo tu mujhse khafa..
Khuda na kare mujhse kabhi aisa kasoor ho..

Honth keh nahi sakte jo fasana dil ka,
Shayad nazar se woh baat ho jaye.
Is umeed mein karte hain intezaar raat ka
ke shayad sapne mein mulaqat ho jaye.  

Indian Bridal Makeup

Indian Bridal wear with makeup and heavy Jewelry forms a very important part of the overall attire of an Indian bride. Makeup is surprisingly often an overlooked item when planning your dream shaadi. Brides always focus on planning their outfits, jewellery, hair and mehndi but donĂ¢€™t realise that, to look amazingly stunning on their wedding day they really need to have good makeup applied by a professional. Bridal make up by its very nature is a unique requirement and your make up regime for the big day needs careful thought and consideration.   

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Funny Cartoons

Funny Cartoons For You

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