Wednesday, August 5, 2009

[FAO] Diamond-studded rakhi for brothers this year


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Diamond-studded rakhi for brothers this year

On Rakshabandhan this year, sisters will have an option of tying a unique rakhi studded with diamond and precious stones on their brother's wrists.

A jeweller in Surat and Ahmedabad have launched special range of rakhis made out of diamond, precious stones like ruby and 'kundan' work which will be available in variety of designs across a wide price range.

"This is our first attempt with diamond rakhi and we hope that people will like it," Pravin Nanavati owner of Pratik Gems, Surat, who has launched series of diamond rakhis this year said.

"Our customers used to ask for some unique rakhis every year, so we decided to design a diamond studded rakhi.

Every rakhi is prepared by an expert and contains diamonds measuring one to four cents each," Nanavati said, adding that one rakhi contains minimum 30 diamonds and is framed in either gold or silver bracelet.

Nanavati said that the rakhis have dual useage. "This is half rakhi and half bracelet and so even after festival of Rakhsabandhan, one can wear rakhi as a piece of jewellery," he said.

The rakhis are also available where the diamonds are replaced by precious stones as per customer specifications like ruby, amber, emarald and others.

In Ahme dabad, a similar initative has been made by local jeweler but instead of diamond he has used 'kundan' works (a technique of combining gold with precious and semi-precious stones).

"This is for the first time we have designed such a rakhi with kundan works. We also have different designs with gold and diamonds," Santosh Kumar of Forever Jewels said.

When asked how do they market their new product, Kumar said that they have a fixed clientle who demand this kind of products.

"Besides, we also sent email with pictures of the rakhi to other customers," he added.

Surat-based Nanavati, however, said that this year they are not focusing on marketing, but were thinking of a website-based marketing plan next year.

These diamond rakhis could cost anything between Rs 2,000 to Rs 50,000 based on design and quality of the diamond and precious stone.

"It is true that diamond rakhis are meant for the upper middle class and rich people, but love between a brother and sister has no price tag attached, which is evident from the fact that we have customers, coming from middle income levels as well," Nanavati said.
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