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[FAO] Basic Care for Your Hands


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Basic Care for Your Hands

It pays to pay your hands some respect.

Your hands are the most ingenious and useful of all tools–yet they still "don't get any respect." You act out your whole life with your hands, whether you're fixing a carburator or signing a contract. Yet most men rarely even notice their hands until they've forgotten so cracked and dry they've actually started to bleed or a strange rash gets completely out of control.

Well, that's just dumb-and it's not very healthy, either. Cracked skin is an open invitation to infection, and an intended rash may spread. It pays to pay your hands some respect.

  1. First, be aware of your hands by noticing when they've become dry and chapped, or the cuticles are splitting, or you're getting a rash.
  2. To head off scaling, cracking and chapping-especially if you've got naturally dry skin-find a hand cream you like and use it regularly. Most commercial lotion work fine, the important thing is not so much which one you use as how often you use it.
  3. If you work with solvents, disinfectants, waxes or other chemicals, protect your hands with waterproof gloves.Protect them from dry winter air with wool-lined leather gloves.
  4. It's best not to trim hard, cracked cuticles because that can infect the nail and encourage thicker growth. Instead, keep them soft by massaging cuticle cream or lotion into the nail area or soaking your fingertips in warm water with a dollop of bath oil in it. Then gently push back the cuticle with a fingertip or an orange stick wrapped in cotton.
  5. Too much sun will age the skin on your hands as fast as skin anywhere else-faster, in fact, because hands are exposed so much of the time. So use a outdoors or a combination moisturizer/sunscreen to prevent liver spots and dryness.

Fact of life:
One can cross an ocean without wetting his legs
but can't cross his life without wetting his eyes

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