Friday, March 12, 2010

[FAO] Air Plane Designed Hotels

A good way to retire - together with your private jet

 Here is a small collection of cool converted jets around the world.

You can check into this house, too - this is part of the spectacular Costa Verde Resort

Nice interior design, cozy and warm:

The view is outstanding (almost as good as being "up in the air") -

Another Boeing 727 fuselage turned into a cost-effective and energy-efficient house: Jo Ann Ussery's estate at Benoit, Lake Whittington, Mississippi, USA -

An old Bristol freighter plane converted to "bed and breakfast" - in Otorohanga, New Zealand:

Red Lane's DC-8 home (originally built for Eastern Airlines in 1960) - now resides in Ashland City, Tenn.

Using wings and other parts of an airplane as very structurally-sound and efficient components of a house (more info) -

Need a guest room? Add an airplane to your house! Aviation artist Richard Broome adds a full cockpit of Boeing 727-222A to his studio, more info:

Vliegtuigsuite, Teuge Airport Hotel, Netherlands

This one-of-a-kind luxury hotel suite has sauna, jaccuzzi... and a Cold War-era cockpit - inside a beautifully converted 120-seat 1960 East German plane (the former plane of Erich Honecker?). This is a real thing, courtesy Dutch company Hotel Suites, not some viral concept like the infamous Hotelicopter... You can get your morning cup of coffee sitting in a pilot chair, gazing on a runway and planes taking off for blue skies:

Runway Dreams in Stockholm

Another Jumbo turned into a hostel, this time it's a retrofitted 747-200 at the Stockholm-Arlanda airport: rated "Best Hotel Novelty of the Year" - JumboHostel

Recycled Airplane Library

BLDGBLOG writes about this impressive concept of stacking a bunch of discarded jet fuselages to create a huge library building - complete with cozy reading rooms book collections inside the fuselages.

More bits, wings, and pieces

An old Soviet plane, transformed into a bar in Olomouc, Czech Republic - Latka Bar:

Another plane cafe in Russia: this is actually a roadside eatery, serving drivers on the "Don" highway -

An old C-97 plane converted into a disco (in Barcelona, Spain):

McDonald's in Taupo, New Zealand, uses an old DC3 to attract visitors:

Flannery's Restaurant in Penndel, Pennsylvania, features a Lockheed Super Constellation:

Air Restaurant Tupolev TU-104 in Petrovice, Czech Republic:

Lufthansa Vickers Viscount 814 Restaurant in Langenhagen, Germany:

Need to transport an old airplane to your lot for recycling? Apparently you can do it with a simple pickup truck (just make sure you put the "Oversize Load" warnings):
(transporting DC-6 in Fairbanks, Alaska

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