Monday, March 22, 2010

[FAO] Renovo Hardwood Bicycles

The smoothest bike you'll ever ride, stealth quiet, light and responsive, stiff as you want. Renovo hollow wood and laminated bamboo frames will forever change your understanding of what a bicycle should be, and how these natural materials can perform when designed to their strengths .

Why Wood?

# Lightweight; a frame weighs from 3.5 to 4.9 pounds--bikes, 16.5 to 20 pounds.
# A magically smooth ride thanks to wood's unique ability to absorb shock and vibration--you feel the difference immediately.
# Stiffness? Oh yeah. Right up there with carbon or better, but with an unequaled, supple smoothness. And, with a variety of wood combinations, you can tailor the stiffness and ride to what you want, not just what comes off a production line.
# The hardwood frame is remarkably tough. It easily withstands impacts that ruin butted metal or carbon frames.
# The fatigue life of wood rivals carbon and is substantially longer than aluminum or steel. The Renovo is an heirloom quality frame.
# The Renovo frame is environmentally friendly, with sustainable woods, bamboo and low VOC waterborne sealers and finishes.

 Handmade, Mostly

Think of it this way; most custom frame makers and bike manufacturers start out with a set of tubes or even fully fabricated frames, foreign made of course. The Renovo tube set starts out as lumber. A complex process turns select boards into a hollow bike frame; sorting and matching the wood; cutting, sanding, bonding, machining, shaping, and after a while, painting .
Renovo frames are a sublime blend of high-tech magic and fine craftsmanship. They're created on computer and machined by a computer controlled machine. But the majority of time in a frame is handwork; the real beauty is revealed only by caring craftsmanship wielded by computer-age people with a deep commitment to fine craft and fine bicycles.

A Renovo Frame Will Outlast You and Still be Looking Good

Like the Springfield gunstock, or any bicycle frame, a Renovo can be dented and scratched. But, like those gunstocks, and unlike other frame materials, the Renovo is easily refinished, because it's wood all the way through, not just a paint layer. And the best news--a dent or scratch won't escalate into a frame-terminal crack as with other bike frame materials. So really, if you want a beautiful bicycle as your daily driver, the Renovo is your best bet, and yes, between rides some folks will park their Renovos in their living rooms as art they can enjoy even when they're not riding .

Unlike Any Other

The Renovo is semi-custom made with select woods chosen by the owner, and, thanks to the color, grain and figure of wood, each frame is completely unique, even if made from the same wood as another Renovo. Compact geometry in six sizes ranging from 49cm to 61cm fit nearly anyone.

The Panda?
Renovo Pandurban Bamboo Commuter
 The Panda series is a line of handbuilt, affordable, complete bicycles in laminated bamboo, which is ultra-green, ultra-durable, and strong, with the smoothest ride of any material . There are two versions of commuters, a road bike and a fixie. These bikes are a treat to ride, a treat to look at; they'll make you smile every time you ride.

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