Friday, February 27, 2009

Re: [FAO] Have A Smiling Wednesday!!!

Dear Priyaji, it is many times difficult to express or reply the touching e-mail containing what not from you.At times feel to keep within,but certain occasions unable to restrict the self without your each & almost every e-mail to us is a treat not only to the eyes but to the heart and within.the same experience I had recently a Marathi programme about music on Z tv (marathi)which was on Little Champs ".Initially was admiring many of the participant's voice and their performance with just a curiosity.No sooner ms Arya,MUgdha,Rahul & all were so sharp,brillent & Classic that almost all Maharashtrians were eager to hear and enjoy the programme and they became our Darling due to their performance.They captured our Hearts.the same case applies to you.we are awaiting your every mail to enjoy,learn ,experience .words are few in our dict.Pl continue sending such emails.

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Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2009 10:57:31 AM
Subject: [FAO] Have A Smiling Wednesday!!!

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