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Heaven's Healing - Part 5




Stay Healhty 2000 centurions were studied â€" nothing was found in common with them other than the moderation in quantity of food. Observations on 2000 centurions showed that‚ for attainment of long life‚ the amount of food was more critical than the type of food that was consumed.

The Bible speaks of true temperance in everything concerning life‚ not just food. Bible temperance teaches us to dispense entirely with everything harmful‚ and to use judiciously that which is healthful.

That means we should avoid all things that do not promote health and enjoy moderately those that do. True temperance does not refer only to eating and drinking. It includes all things in life: moderation in sleep‚ work‚ and play‚ also avoidance of stress‚ bad thoughts‚ anger‚ etc. Prolong your life by careful supervision of yourself.

When it comes to diet‚ nothing should be put into the human system that will leave a baleful influence behind. True temperance in diet involves abstaining from all stimulants including: drugs; tobacco; alcohol; caffeine drinks â€" i.e. colas and soft drinks; tea and coffee; and chocolate. Avoiding all animal meat (beef‚ cow‚ fish‚ fowl...). If ever meat eating was safe‚ it is definitely not safe now. The liability to take disease is increased tenfold by meat-eating.

Cancers‚ tumors‚ and all inflammatory diseases are largely caused by meat-eating.

It also includes avoiding the following unhealthful ingredients:

  • Cheese should never be introduced into the stomach as it is unfit as food.
  • Sugar: brown sugar‚ artificial sweeteners or products containing them.
    Replace them with moderate amounts of honey‚ molasses‚ or dates.
    The free use of sugar in any form tends to clog the system‚
    and is frequently a cause of disease.
  • Baking soda or baking powder (even if they have had the aluminum removed)
    and products containing them. Such compounds are unfit to enter the stomach.
    Eat breads raised with yeast or unleavened bread.
    Yeast-leavened bread which is two or three days old is more healthful
    than new bread. Bread dried in the oven is one of the most
    wholesome articles of diet.
  • Vinegar and products containing vinegar (pickles‚ ketchup‚ mayonnaise‚
    mustard‚ salad dressing‚ etc.)
  • Spices and spicy foods (herbs are fine); irritating peppers (black pepper‚
    hot peppers‚ chili sauce). Cayenne pepper can be used medicinally.
  • Milk‚ dairy products‚ and eggs.

Be moderate even in the good things. Do not overeat of even healthful foods.
Any food in excess becomes a poison. It is sin to be intemperate in the quantity
of food eaten‚ even if the quality is unobjectionable.

Overeating is the sin of this age. Many persons of excellent natural ability
do not accomplish half of what they might if they were temperate in all things.

Drugs include the use of over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs. Drugs are expensive‚ both in the outlay of means‚ and the effect produced upon the system. Drugs never cure; instead‚ they place in the system seeds which bear a very bitter harvest. Those who make a practice of taking drugs‚ sin against their intelligence and endanger their whole after-life. Medicine has done more harm to our world‚ killing more than helping or curing people.

Drug therapy is preventable. For example‚ a significant number of patients

currently on high blood pressure medication could be cured without drugs.

However‚ the very life of some may totally depend on these drugs.

Again the cause of this dependency is ignoring or improperly treating the

first signs of high blood pressure‚ and not being willing to change the diet

and lifestyle that causes high blood pressure.

Nearly any infection anywhere in the body can develop to the point that the use

of antibiotics is a wise course of action. This‚ however‚ usually occurs only if

the earliest signs of infection are ignored‚ or if the individual's vital energy and

immunological resistance are so depressed by poor diet or other factors

that the body is no longer capable of self-cure rapidly enough.

The decision to use surgery‚ drugs‚ or antibiotics must be made as the last resort‚

or if no other alternative exists. All processes of disease have their origin long

before drugs and surgery are required. We continually push the body toward

catastrophe by ignoring or suppressing acute disease beginning in early childhood.

If the language of disease had been heard and treated properly in its beginning

there would be no need for drugs or‚ in most cases‚ surgery in our lives.

The main cause of fatigue is improper diet‚ irregular meals‚ and a lack of physical

exercise. Furthermore‚ irregular hours for eating and sleeping sap the brain forces.

To have good health and be successful in reaching a high standard of godliness‚

 you must be temperate in all things.

There are some who would be benefited more by abstinence from food for a day

or two every week than by any amount of treatment or medical advice.

To fast one day a week would be of incalculable benefit to them.

"And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things.

Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible.

I therefore so run‚ not as uncertainly; so fight I‚ not as one that beateth the air:

But I keep under my body‚ and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means‚

when I have preached to others‚ I myself should be a castaway."

1 Corinthians 9:25-27

God requires us to be temperate in all things. Unless we practice true temperance‚

we will not‚ we cannot‚ be susceptible to the sanctifying influence of the truth.

Erroneous eating and drinking habits result in erroneous thinking and acting.

Unless we are free from the bondage of every bad habit‚ we cannot be true‚

obedient servants of Christ.

Join me @ forangelsonly
Join me @ forangelsonly

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