Friday, June 19, 2009

[FAO] Love Ne Bana Di Jodi -Star One

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A popular entertainment channel recently launched a new serial, Love Ne Mila Di Jodi in Mumbai. The show traces the life of three young determined brothers, who come to Mumbai, with a purpose; however, fate changes their plan when their paths cross three beautiful sisters.

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Yet another silver screen inspiration into Television a love story cum family drama is all set to rule Star One soon.
We are talking about the new show Love Ne Mila Di Jodi of Shakuntalam Telefilms which will start from June 22 at 9:30 pm.
The title of the new soap sounds similar to the 2009 Bollywood block movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

"The USP if the show is that it's not a regular love story but has a family drama. Along side the track of each romantic pair can
become a concept of its own. It focuses into the interpersonal relationships too," commented the producer, Nelima Bajpai.
The show has two known faces, Gaurav Khanna and Chandana Sharma. Besides that there are many new
faces like Dishant Arora, Karan Thacker, Simran Kaur and Pemeet Chauhan.

When asked of why she choose for the fresh talents, the producer replied, "They doesn't have a definite image and
it's easy to mould them. Also these young guys and girls don't have preconceived notion which makes the job easier for us."

The story of the LNMDJ revolves around the lives of three brothers who come across Mumbai with a purpose but fate
changes and their path cross three beautiful sisters. Now under which circumstances their love blossoms is
all what we are going to watch in this show.The actors and producer with the channels have lots of expectation from this show.
"I want this show to become a channel driven," concludes Nelima. Now let junta decide whether the
show makes the channel reaches new heights or not…

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Strong, silent and a short tempered guy. He is a chivalrous guy who basically feels that it's a man's duty to
protect women. Actually he not clever or street-smart, he is just simple at heart.
He is a loving and protective person towards his brothers & family.

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Avni: She is mousy and does not believe herself to be a good looking girl. She looks after the house and ensures
everyone eat properly at home. She is sure that she will not find love, but has guy friends but knows they don't look at her as
anything other than a friend. Has actually lost out on her teenage years due to her sense of responsibility and has never had any 'fun'.
Sameer thinks she will be easy to charm, but turns out to be his toughest challenge.

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Damini: Arrogant, strong headed and thinks she knows it all. She works with mother and looks down upon the poor.
Her redeeming factor is that she is very protective of her mom and sisters. She has actually tried to become the man of the family –
a son to her mother, and an elder brother to her sisters. She is emotional about her family and isses a strong man by her
side or a father figure, but doesn't show any weakness. Engaged to a rich guy who pretends to love .

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Roshni: She is the baby of the family. A spoilt brat and acts like a princess. She is a hardcore romantic and lives in a world of her own.
She's always looking for Mr. Right, but so far has only found Mr. Wrong. She is used to a lot of attention from boys and
surprised when she doesn't get any from Varun.
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Sameer: He is the Casanova of the three brothers. He is a charmer, boisterous and happy.
He is also bright and has all ideas for everything. He wants to make it big with the least bit of effort.
Loves his brothers, and he thinks they are both too naïve.

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Varun: Varun is an ace student and an achiever in sports and other activities. He wants to live up to his brothers' expectations
and sacrifices a lot for him. He's very sure about the kind of girl he wants to be with but cannot stand the blond and gossipy variety,
which happens to be exactly as Roshni is. And no matter how much he runs, fate and the girl keep ensuring that he
does fall for her, and then when the truth comes out he's shattered.

Join me @ forangelsonly
Join me @ forangelsonly

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