Saturday, December 27, 2008

[FAO] Five reasons why we love Salman


Join me @ forangelsonly

Join me @ forangelsonly

Reason 5: His body

If you actually manage to get over all that talks of six pack- and eight pack-abs you might just remember that Salman Khan was Bollywood's original hunk. The sexy star who showed almost ALL the other heroes what it takes to be in shape has STILL not lost it himself.

Reason 4: Ability to bounce back

Just when you think he's down and out, Salman manages to deliver something totally out of the blue that takes you by surprise! Just when everyone thought it was the end of this Khan, he comes up with Partner. Indeed, Salman may still be reeling under the string of flops over the 2008 but we won't be remotely surprised if he manages to pull of a surprise of sorts with Veer and London Dreams.

Reason 3: Salman, a friend indeed!

In an industry where the green stuff rules the roost, Salman stands like a rock behind everyone he considers his friends. Why, when Govinda was out of action, it was Salman who resurrected his career, almost singlehandedly with Partner. Celebrity photographer Avinash Gowariker swears by Sallu who did ALL photoshoots with him and no one else... for ten long years! Just two of the many instances of Salman's loyalty. And that's also one of the reasons why we simply can't get over this Khan.

Reason number 2: The Prem image

Ask Sooraj Barjatya and chances are that he too will confess that there couldn't be any other Prem other than Salman Khan. The loverboy who effortlessly stole the heart of the leading lady and every other girl in the audience could never be replaced - not by Hrithik Roshan nor by Shahid Kapur. Is it a surprise that Rajshri films not starring Salman Khan have never really stayed with us?

Reason number one: The largehearted painter

Call him a novice if you wish, but name another amateur painter whose paintings can earn lakhs of rupees! And then the gesture of gifting Ranbir Kapoor a portrait of Raj Kapoor while shooting for Dus Ka Dum was probably what stole the show. After all not every star looks at a promising newcomer with so much affection, does he? And then the recent one where he gifted two of his paintings inspired by Ghajini to Aamir Khan! In fact, Sallu even has plans to sell painted t-shirts and use the money for charity. And that just happens to be our number one reason why we absolutely LOVE Salman Khan!

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