Sunday, December 28, 2008

[FAO] One month after 26/11: A daughter remembers her father

One month after 26/11: A daughter remembers her father
Miloni Bhatt

Divya's father Vijay Salaskar was a cop who died at the hands of the 26/11 terrorists. Just a couple of hours before Salaskar was trying to secure Mumbai, his daughter Divya Salaskar had dinner with him. She didn't know then that it would be her father's last.

''You know I was very sure that in my life if anything went wrong I have a father to fall back on. A very powerful one. On my cell also, his name is Control Room. So I knew that if I was in trouble somewhere, this control room can take care of everything. So for me it was a major setback. How, just how, did it happen? Only 3-4 hours ago we had had dinner together. How is it possible," said Divya Salaskar, daughter of Vijay Salaskar.

For the country, police inspector Vijay Salaskar was a top encounter specialist.

''What angers me is that if the police had an AK-56 or AK 47, then the terrorists would have thought twice before attacking? How can you face a terrorist with a service revolver? You know once upon a time, I think 3 or 4 years ago, my father too had an AK-56 which was taken away from him. So if the city's top cop is not supposed to have an AK 56, then who is,'' said Divya Salaskar, daughter of Vijay Salaskar.

Divya feels angry when she thinks of Qasab, the lone terrorist captured alive after 26/11.

"It angers me a lot. I mean he is the guy who killed my father. I feel the worst death should be given to him," said Divya.

Overnight, Divya Salaskar has changed. She's no more the 21-year-old carefree MBA aspirant that she once was.

''I have become over protective about my mother. So much that I can't think of life without her. In one month I grew up, '' said Divya.

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