Friday, December 26, 2008

[FAO] - Indian Air Power -


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The MIG-29 (NATO: Fulcrum) has a top speed of 2,445 km/h (Mach 2.3) and is armed with a 30 mm cannon along with R-60 & R-27 R missiles. Capable of flying at 2,500 km/h (Mach 2.3).

Mirage 2000s

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The Mirage 2000-H is the IAF's prime ground-attack fighter jet while the double seater Mirage 2000-TH can also play the role of an effective interceptor aircraft.... .India has more than 250 of these.


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This is one of the most feared fighter of IAF extremely capable of fierce ground attacks....The tanks regiments all over the world fear this monster....India has more than 200 of these.

MIG 27s and Tejas LCA
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MIG 27s are again Jaguar like ground attack fighters. The single-seater MiG-27 carries one GSh-6-30 six-barrelled 30 mm cannon, 4000 kg of general-purpose ordnance, SPPU-22 and SPPU-6 gun pods, and various guided air-to-surface missiles.... .Whereas Tejas as all of you has just been introduced into IAF and will replace more than 200 MIG 21s. Tejas has world's fiercest close combat air to air missile R-73....

Hawk AJT & MI-25 choppers
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The BAE Systems Hawk is a British single engine, advanced jet trainer aircraft.... Earlier Indian trainee pilots on MIG 21s crashed due to sudden change of speed for a trainee pilot....IAF has obtained 66 of these advance jet trainers to overcome this problem....It can be used in combat as well.....MI choppers are deadly machines and India has 600 of these..


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