Friday, January 30, 2009

[FAO] Virus Alert - The worm Win32/Conficker


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The following info courtesy
Dan Butler
TNPC Newsletter

TNPC News  P.O. Box 79111  Saginaw, TX 76179 USA
It's scary. Here you are just looking for information on the
Internet and the next thing you know your computer is infected with
something nasty. Even worse maybe your computer has become a Zombie
on a Botnet. You install programs to combat this and they slow you
down even more. What can you do?

First take the obvious steps:

* Keep your virus scanner and operating system up to date.
* Run a firewall.
* Don't open email attachments unless you you weren't expecting.
* Scan all email attachments for viruses before you open them.

This week I ran across a couple of people infected with a recent
Internet worm called Win32/Conficker. It was surprising because the
group we are in is technically savvy. They had the worm and were
having trouble getting rid of it. This particular worm targets
Microsoft Windows. Microsoft has a good page on how to deal with the
worm and what to look for if you think you have it.

The most visible and obvious symptom of the worm is your web browser
will not take you to the website you think it should. More
specifically you won't be able to access secure sites like anti-
virus updates
. You will type in the right address but find yourself
somewhere else.

Here is a link to the Microsoft page about the worm. It has links to
the software updates you need to protect yourself or someone you

http://clicks. y/ct/?l=ET9yR&m=1fT7DqTvLh0gDX&b=_PwxheS0Jj5palhFS GCvhg

If you've had experience with this worm or other bad stuff then
click this link now and post your comments on the blog:

http://clicks. y/ct/?l=ET9yR&m=1fT7DqTvLh0gDX&b=jn_pjm7vy6NIHCVs7 QBpFQ

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