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[FAO] How to propose your gf??? reply to Aanchal's Mail


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original mail:
Main is group ki member hoon aur aap sabse ek help chahti hoon.
My brother wants to propose his girlfriend on this valentine day.He wants to
propose her in a special way so that she can remember it always. Can you
pls pls pls suggest me a good/new way of proposing .Pls friends kuch achcha sa
idea dena.
With love


Greetings Anchal
i think you dont need a month-day -or hour to prapose.
every day  is a special so, in my view if he want to prapose different
 just let take here to the place where at least more than 10 people are present.
than openly he has to PRAPOSE HER. because to LOVE one should have guts to face people.
 Accept not accept it's in distiny so forgot all and prapose... BINDAAAS

Dear Aanchal,
There is no special day to express your feelings . So just say your brother to
to propose her right now . Kahin aisa na ho ki koi aur propose kar de . Main bhi
aaj hi kisi ko propose karne wala hoon . No gifts , No special place...I am going
to share my whole life with her and my everything will be hers only:)
Hey sweetheart! Are you listening? ( She is also a member of FAO.)
o bolna hai thak se bol dalo kisi vakt ya din ka intajar mat karo aisa na
ho tum sujhav late raho aur koi dushara baji mar le jaye
samay ka sadupyog karo.
love friends as God
Dear Aanchal,
Although, there can be numerous ways of proposing to a girld friend. But
what appeals to me is tell your brother to buy a small heart shaped golden
"pendent' .pack with a slip beautifully written - "I love you" .. Put it again
in a small box, redo it again and again (while writing loveable quotes on
each of the boxes) till you reach to a considerable size of box asking her
to open the next box. Finally she will find the Pendent and receive the message.
She could express as well, where was the necessity of conveying though so
many boxes, you could tell me this thing on my face. So, do it practically,
and see the fun.
HI there,

well 1st of all ur dear bro must think of something by himself not asking plp's idea
to propose a girl. Just imagine if he take d idea from someone else, and if his gf
found out about it, she wont respect him anymore. And angel group is a large group,
please dont tell me that she is not a member or her fren or family dont know about this group.

anyways, since you asked for advice, i dont mind giving a suggestion. asked him
if he knows his future gf well? If yes, He can decide easily how to propose her.

a simple suggestion i give to ur bro is.

ask him to meet his gf at a restaurant, while she is waiting, ask him to get few plp to
give her rose flower one after one (maybe about 10 or more if he can afford),
she will be so confused with the situation and ur bro can walk in with a bouquet of flower and propose her.

wish him all the best..

worse idea's

There is so much difference in movies and real life.

Well dear if your brother really love the girl whom he want to purpose.
He dont need advice from anyone.

ask him think about the girl he love and want to purpose. and say his true feeling about her.

Romeo Bagga
Yadi aapke brother se valentine day pe pe apni girl friend ko propos nahi
kiya jata he to esa karo ki unko ************ pe call karne ka bol do
me unko samja sakta hoon, kyonki mere paas eisa mantra he jis se
 samne wale ko baat samjh me aa jati he.
Omprakash sarswa
Dear Aanchal,
Say your brother to take that girl whom he loves to such kind of place
where sun shines in the morning and decorate that place with lot of
flowers of yellow colour and put one red colour flower in between those.
 And than tell to her that it might not be possible that u receive a good
friend in an husband but dam sure a u will receive a good Husband in a
Friend. and Propose by Kneel Down and gave her a red rose and tell her
that will u be my valentine for not this day only for the whole my life. Pls.

All the best for ur Brother and the person whom she loves.

With Regards
Vipul Agrawal
hi aachal,
i'm Raj.
aapke brother ko bolo "Dil ki baat batane me kisi se Idea mangne ki zaroorat
nahi hai. tum aapne Dil ki baat directely aapni girlfriend se kahonge to aapne
aap khush ho jayegi. aur yr use humesha k liye yaad rahega.
Anchal ji
Aap bhi ek ladki ho agar apse koi propose kare to aap kya karen gi aur aap
kaise chahti hai ki aap ko koi kaise propose kare jis tarah aap ko achchha
lage ga us tarah se us ladki ko bhi achchha lage ga isliye aap apni pasadn
apne brother ko batayen
Your Gulab
wat surinder said is 100%right.
everybody has there own style nd, nobody else can do better than that.
everything ill b fine Anchal.

Aghil N T
Dear Aanchal,
How are you? i totally agree with Surinder, if your brother don't have
the confidence to say his FEELINGS to whom he is in love with than
i don't think so that you can help it out as If you love someone say it
out with full heartedly and from your inner soul and not by some artificail stuffs!!
Have a nice Day
i am, kapil
aap velentine day wale din use milo aur khule dil se use purpose kar do .
me asha karta ho ki wo tumhara pur pose accept kar legi.
bye bye.
Kapil Nath
Firstly dressup like she never see him...
then dont give flower or chocolate..
climb to her house and propose with a ring...
its not a film my dear,, she is talking about hers bro real love & propose..
i think this all funny & nonsense... yeah filmo mei hei achha lagta hai...

~*~ Warm Regards ~*~
~**~ Sunil AMG ~**~

hello everyone,

Kya aapke bhai mein himmat nahin hai................. seedhe jaa kar bolde
ki kitna pyar karta hai wo, agar ladki use se pyar hoga to sure hi haan kahegi
or agar pyar nahin hoga to aapka bhai kuch bhi karle usko to mana hi karna hai............

Let him offer her two flowers , one red rose and one yellow rose.
 Let her choose what she wants
 $ampath K. Iyengar
gd eveng aanchal , i will think and let u know bcoz i  m not very found of
love i will ask with my friends ok take care have a good day .
vijay kanojia
Hi Anchal,
Yeah, its depend on the relation what he have with her. if she like
your bro, then nothing to worry, if she just want to spent some time
with him then matter would be diff. He should wear a pink t-shirt with
white streps and bring a cute puppy and give him with a red rose. Thats it.
mujhe bhi apni ek achchi dost mili, aise hi.....
Are  anshul Kyu uska majak bana rahey ho Taj mahel ke chakar mein vo to
jail jayega aur uski girlfriend kisi aur ki mumtaj banrahi hogi
Koi idea nahi hai to uski feeling ka majak mat banao,
Aur sabse achha aur simple tarika hi accha rheta hai state forward with
red roses, Jada chochley baji vo katey hai jo dekhawa katey hai pyar nahi,
Isliye dikhawey pe na jao apni akal ladao aur pata karo usey kya pasand hai
aur simply jakar uskey tarikey se parpose kar do ...

Agar jada karoge to Bajrang dal aajayega aur dhum machayega
Thanks & Regards
Rahul Sharma
Hello Aanchal ,
Nice u expressed ur desire to make a girlfriend for your brother .
see it depends if u wan propose any girl first check what her preferences are like
1.if she is movie buff ask her for movie and in interval say I love u .
2. If she is gift maniac give her a gift like some dress,some cosmetic ,some ring or
some electronic gadget etc. etc
3.if she is religeous ask her for go to some saibaba ,or any big temple where she thinks herself comfortable.
4.if she she like drinking go for drink or go for candle light dinner in good resturant .
will give u more hints if require them
hi anchal.your brothe should take a red ross .and go to that girl when she see
red ross his half of work will be done bocoz she will under stand why
that guy come to her.and according to her mood he should propose
(but she should be alone) after his acceptence give her 100 of ross to
make that moment rememberable.

kyon ke sadge main he pyaar hota hai.
pankaj varma
hummm... tell him to make it so special that she always remember the special date..
best idea would be to take her out somewhere at sea faced resto or her fevourite place and
meke some spcl arrangements like book a table... decorate it with flowers..
dedicate her a lovely song which will express your feelings to her... get a spcl gift for her...
this is the way you can make her day worth remember!!!!
Wish him luck from my side...
With Love
Dear Anchal,


agar aap mujhse puchoge ke aapke bro. ne kisi ladki ko propose karna hai,
to  main itna zaroor janna chahta hoo ki us ladki ka ye pehla pyar hai ya
nahi agar haa, to bindass propose karle kyuki, jaha taq main ladkiyo ko
janta hoo, ladkiyaa "marte dam taq"apne pehle pyar ko nahi bhula pati,
aur agar ladki ne pehle bhi pyar kya hai to main nahi chhta ki aapka bro.
kisi aise ladki ko pyar kare jo sirf aapke bhai ko ek khilone ki trha use karee.
i hope ke aap meri baat ko positivelly sochoge
with best regards for your brother
Chetan Goswami
hi ,
ham  bhi is gruop ke membar he aur ham ap ko ek idea dena chahate he
14th feb ko velantin day he wo bat sahi he aur us din sab ek dusar ko
propose karte he wo bhi sahi he lekin us din agar proposal ka answer
negative me aya to 14th feb bigadegi
to mera manna he ki us se pahe le ki date ko matalb ki 10 t0 12 th
date me proposal rakhana chiye to shayd posstive ho answer to gumana
maja aye ga aur agar negative me hoga to koi bat nahi ek do din me
ham bhulne kosis karte he aur nahi ho saka to bhar 14 th date ko
bahar to jana he to bus jana he phir wo ho ya na ho sath me .
ab bat he kese propose kare to -  1. pahele wo us se mile bate kare
aur phir kahe de bindas se aur saccha pyar ho to turaut posstively
answer milega dont warry.
2 . jese ki 14 th ko valentine day he to us din ko bhar sab sath me enoje
karne jaye to bus kuch follower nahi lane he lekin us ko jese passad ho
wese kuch la ke ya phir bata ke ya phir kahe ke ap ap ni indirectyl
bat kahe sakte ho to shayd accha rahe ga .
3 . agar gift deni he to kuch esa do jo sab se alag ho nahi ki follower nahi
ki ring nahi - just like kuch esa ki wo dekhe aur hase aur kahe ki kya bat he kuch alaga .
ruta shah
Hi Aanchal ,
I am aniket patil  , i have joined the group quite long back ..
 well i mailed u regarding the question u asked about ur brother,, to propose his girl friend,
I suggest that let him propose with bunch of red flowers.. 
a note written on it as "To a beautifl girl in the world "..
 Wear a  formal clothes , less colourful is the best ..  apply mild deodrant,.,.
 and go ahead,,
i wont suggest u filmi style, as its only a moment of trust and faith ..
so ur heart need sto be filled with love and trust ,.,
 if she loved ur briother , she wil definately be past of his life,,
 Love is Different thing than normal life,.its a strength of life,,
Im sorry if i have hurt ur feelings,  in any way ,
 but just wanted ur bro to be normal and faithfully go ahead .. rather than showup..
 waiting for ur kind response ,,
Thanks & Regards,
Mr.Aniket Patil
Hi Anshul,
This very bad thing,
Kisi ki feelings ka mazak udana achaa nahi.
Baaki tum samazdar ho.
 Sandeep Patil
Dear Anchal,
If your brother is not having guts to propose some girl on his own,
with his own style then he must not propose that girl because one
must propose in his own style without asking anybody that how i shall propose.
I mean it.
Regards and best wishes for your brother for Vanantine day.
Neha Jain
Aanchal i think you have got enough idea About Your Query.
But i think you must ask your Self as u are also a girl and i
think u may be the most right person for problems like that
and also ask your brother what he can do and afford best of luck.
pankaj nagar
Give a gift to her and do the proposal.
Good luck.
gopinath kakkasseri
aap  apney bhai  se  kah  do ki  sirf  ek  rose  de  ker  I  LOVE  YOU
 bole  de  isse    aacha  perpose  aur  kuch   nhi      hoo sakta  hai 
aur  aapkey  bhai  ki  girl  friend   bhi  isse  hamesha  yaad rakhengi 
lakin  ye kaam  dunia  ke samney  krey  kyuki  jo dunia  ki parwaah
 kerta hai  wo kabhi  pyaar nhi  ker  sakta  hai   ok   bye   mere 
taraf  se  aapkey  bhai ko  best of luck  and  happey velentine day 
i hope  so  ki  aapkey  bhai ka aur  aapka velentine  day  aacha he
honga  ok byeeeeeeeeeeee
TO, Dear Anshul,
who had given idea,
Kabhi khud kisi se sacha pyar karoge aur jab deaperatly tumhe jab
help ki jarrorat ho , prosed ke liye ,tab ye msg yaad karana aur apna
idea bhi  , waise tumhe to jarurat pade gi nahi ,dusaron ke baaton
ko  reapect dena sikho tab tumhae  reaspect milega... sorry...
Dear Anchal,
Ideas are not to be followed after someone tells the same, it is the
IDEA which comes from your heart and implimented.. .that's called idea...
so ask your brother to creat new idea on his own which will be useful
in his future life...
Umesh Vijay Asher
Agar tumhara bhai apni girl friend ko prapose karna chahta hai to
simple tips detahu
Agar woh us reali love kartahai to us din woh janha bhi mile vahi
khadi rakh kar pury duniya k samne i love u boldo agar woh use chahti
hai to ha bolegi aur na bole to try and try ek din woh ha bolegi lekin
koi filmy style mat karna Aur DIL mai jo hai woh sab us kahedena
its my experiance 

Jay Garachh
whethere heis ur brother or some body else he should propse his
girl friend in his own way that will become a unique way so that
she can remember
Do not go too much like in movies....
Love is just feeling with it honestly and frankly....
If she do not accept, then just ignore.
No third person and never take drastic steps....

use khud apani style se use propose karna chahiye
wo hi style use ladaki ko pasand aayegi
sachi the princess
my Anchal i have one idea but not sure it will work ....

first tell to ur bro,
ki woh apni GF ko movie leker jaye then ask her for candle light dinner nd say something link
i think mujhe
abhi ek step aage jana chahiye means i love u very much, i always think abt u ...
but i m not sure , ki kya hoga , tum kya bologe dosen't matter , but still
i love u very much and i m not sure that i will be happy forever.........
plz reply....
deepak raikwar
sabse achha idei apke bhai ko bolo pahle apne aap ko confidence me
 lekar simple sa bole de. na darne ki jarurat he nahi ghabrane ki.
ok bye bye take care and good luck for ur brother
 Dilip Mertiya
Dear Aanchal,
                    It is realy great problem happened with your brother.
Right now I have no idea but I started thinking on this. So for time being,
You advised your brother to supply my mobile No. to his girl friend.
When I get idea, I will send you some ideas. Ha ha ha ha ha  
 "don't mind" kyoki haimare pas too dimag nahi hain.
With Best wishes
Manoj Kumar

Dear Anchal,

Send Ram - Sena from Mangalore, Karnataka.. They will bash up her nicely on
Valentine day . She won't forget her  Valentine " Forever "..
 Trust me this is the "Best Suggestion" ....

Wishes him  & her all the "Good Luck" ..
yar aanchal actually i dnt knw anythin abt ur stl yar agr me tmhare bhai
ki jgh hota to me apni grlfrnd ke liye vhi sb kch krta jo use psnd hota.uske saath
14th feb ka kch aisa scn plan krta jisme har us chij ka khyal rkha jata jo usse
psnd hoti.n finally me usko propose krta jo shayad hr grl, boy se he xpct krti hai
aur yar mere khayal se tmhare bro ko aisa krna bhi chahiye.aur han apne bhai
se ek baat kh dena ke vo bindass hoke apni grlfrnd ko sb sch bta de qk frst-f-all
agr tmne kisi ko psnd kiya hai tmhe apni feelings ke baare me usse bta dena
chahiye,fr chahe vo haan bole ya na. n schd thin z k agr tmhara bro.
sachcha hai to unhe unki grlfrnd mil jayegi qk har achche kaam me GOD bhi
 hamare saath hota hai.

toh AANCHAL ab apne bhai ko khna ki vo BINDASS hoke apni grlfrnd ko PROPOSE kr
de aur sb kch GOD pr chd de.baki meri vsh tmhare bro k saath hain
vaibhav saxena

Hi Aanchal,

I dont think to propose in the American way by getting to the knees
with a flower in the hand or a ring in the hand is important to
impress the beloved!

I will suggest the simplest way is the best way...
why should you ask with friends how your brother should propose?
i believe this is not something to be asked my dear!

This is something which should come naturally from your brother's
part! he should not listen to anybody and not do anything which are
written in books or mails or any kind of tips whatsoever!



surprise her with a gift someting which looks costly but not costly
tell her that he loves u a lot.

ranjini krishnan
Dear Aanchal,
The best way I suppose to gift her a beautifull diamond ring and offer
long driving with lunch or dinner and propose her.
Tell him, whatever he want to propose do the earliest,
otherwise today is a time who proposed first,  partner will be of other.  (First Come First Serve)
Have a good day.
Ashish Gupta
idea ye he ki tum socho agar koi tumko propose kare to tumko konsa
style acha lagega aur tum pat jao, waas wahi idea apne brother ko dedo,
agar phir bhi nhi hota to apna number mujhe do aur main tumko
purpose kar ke batata hoo and i m sure tum pat jaongi
Sidarth Kansal
hi        anchal
agar tumhara bhai us ladki se sacchi mohobbat karta he to use koi chiz ka
dar nahi hona cahie kyonki sachi bat me bhagvan bhi sath deta he is liye
tumhare bhai se kehna ful confidance ke sath i love yu bolne ka kya
lekin us ladki se dil mat lagana kyonki agar us ne mana kar diya to
tumhare bhai ki zindagi kharab ho sakti he......
have good day
Dear Freind
Just Give a Red Rose and Say I LOVE YOU.
best way to propose
we want long term relations
Hence it should sweet and simple
Uddayanand N Naik

kuch frnds ko or kuch bend walo ko leker achanak uske samne jakar bend
wale bajane lage or fi unke peche se hatho me red rose lekar uske samne
jaker knee down ker just say i love u.but dheere -dheere or bade pyar
or smile k sath.or haa hote hi bend fir chalu.
Vineet Sharma
Hi Anchal..

Check out something like this.

Warm Regards
Hey Anchal Simplicity is always extra ordinary and he should know her
 liking first than he can make this day memorable. Anyway i proposed
my girl simply saying "i wanna be with you whole life"  in 2001 and she
is my wife today.blv me love doesn't required any style and language
it has its own so let it flow in its own way in a simplest manner.
Wish you and ur bro goodluck.
Raghvendera Sharma
tell him to go to the girl n say
"i love you"
without a kiss without a bending on my knee
or without a rose
this is the way i propose
mansi boriya
Fnd, Good Evening
if d GF is ready 2 marry, the boy should keep all arrangement ready on 14 Feb
n as his GF comes, propose marriege there it self n call all fnds in short notice.
Hope U may like it.
jeewanlal dhote
hi dear friend ancha
very nice, still there is time for the valentines day. ask your brother to
know her first very well what she like and what she dont. if your brother
know this.ask your brother use his own words apart from others. so the
he will have the self confidence within himself. then he can solve and
face the other challenges in his life. ask your brother to self talk by him
self. ask your brother to think positive while proposing wish him all
the success in his life. and for you also. regards and cheers.

to prapose is just an act, but the important truth is how confident is the praposer 
in fact, your brother should show some attitude or something like......
to her g'friend about how caring n loyal he will be forever to her and
how secure she will b, i bet, his g'friend will prapose him instead .
Hemant Patel

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