Monday, March 23, 2009

[FAO] The Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car, has been launched in India.

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The Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car, has been launched in India.

TATA nano
Tata Nano

Costing just 100,000 rupees ($1,979; ?1,366), the Nano will now go on sale across India next month, with deliveries starting in July.

Tata hopes the 10-foot (3-metre) long, five-seater car will be cheap enough to encourage millions of Indians to trade up from their motorcycles.

Tata owner Ratan Tata has described the Nano as a "milestone". Analysts say it will not make a profit for six years.
Tata's managing director Ravi Kant said that from the first orders, a ballot would then select the initial 100,000 people to get their Nano.

"I think we are at the gates of offering a new form of transport to the people of India and later, I hope, other markets elsewhere in the world," Mr Tata added.

"I hope it will provide safe, affordable four-wheel transportation to families who till now have not been able to own a car."

Environmentalists are warning that the Nano will add to India's already clogged up roads, and pollution levels will soar. Tata says the Nano will be the least polluting car in India.

, says Vaishali Jajoo, auto analyst at Mumbai's Angel Broking.

Check out the more inforamtion and video review on TATA NANO here

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