Friday, May 8, 2009

[FAO] A Dozen Roses...

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A dozen roses I give to you my friend
A gift that seems so small
But they represent so much
Our friendship most of all.

A rose for the friendship
A rose for the touch
A rose for the trust we share
Our sharing means so much.

A rose for the kindness
And the deep caring you show
A rose for the comfort given
When I've been feeling low.

A rose for the laughter
How it makes your eyes shine
A rose for the dreams we share
It's amazing how they intertwine.

A rose for the deep respect
You give to me with ease
A rose for the love we feel
And how you wish to please.

A rose for your compassion
That has helped me in so many ways
A rose for bringing me sunshine
That has brightened all my days.

A rose is the best
For it stands so proud and tall
This rose represents you
My best friend of all.

Join me @ forangelsonly
!!..Miley Jab Hum Tum: Gunjan  Talent Parade Song..!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Join me @ forangelsonly

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