Sunday, May 10, 2009

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Can't Stop Thinking of you..

Nothing in this world can explain how I feel
I can't believe the love I have for you is oh so real
You are my pride and joy and I adore you so much
It's not just your personality it's also your gentle touch
Everything about you is just so wonderful
the time we spend together is just unbelievable
You are a part of me, and without you I'm no good
I will do any and everything to stay with you just like I know you would
The love of my life that I adore
Each day I see you I Love you More & More

Always Missing You

It's getting late
and I can't sleep...
it's all your fault
for choosing me.
I like you so bad,
I don't know what to do
I'm spending all my time
missing you.
When were together
it's so hard to part,
I can't let go...
you stole my heart.
I lie awake...
picturing you in my head,
wondering if your thinking of me too,.. coz I'm always missing you.

I love, Only You...

I never felt a love
Like this before
It's a love like no other
Something I have always hoped for

A love that is beautiful
From the inside out
A love with no tears,
Pain, or doubt

A love with soul
So tender and true
A love that I have found
Only in you..

As i walked outside
And looked up at the sky
It seemed like the clouds wanted to cry
They were so nice
They reminded me of your eyes
Now all i can think of is you
Calling me by your side
As i continue to walk
I couldn't help but to let out a sigh
As tears rolled out of my eyes
And wishing i could be once again by your side


" When Love is not madness, it is not Love."

Join me @ forangelsonly
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Join me @ forangelsonly

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