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Accidental Deaths You Won't Believe

Woman gets smashed by huge Taco Bell sign

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Diana Durre, of Chambers, Nebraska, died after a 75-foot (23 m) Taco Bell sign
fell on top of the truck cab she was in. The pole broke at a welded joint about
15 feet (4.5 m) above the ground owing to strong winds. The sign fell right on
top of the quad-cab pickup. Diana was meeting a Wyoming couple to sell them
some dogs. They had agreed to meet in North Platte, Nebraska, at about 1 p.m.
, "right underneath the big Taco Bell sign." North Platte's Animal Control Division
took two Yorkie dogs to the shelter. The Wyoming couple showed up after the accident.

Man dies crushed by a suicidal woman

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A suicidal woman who jumped from an eighth floor window crushed a passer-by
to death in a horrific accident. The woman hurled herself from the balcony in
Viladecans, near Barcelona, and landed on top of a 50-year-old pedestrian who
was walking below. The jumper died instantly, and the man, from the Ukraine,
died in hospital shortly afterwards from his injuries. His wife, who was walking
with him at the time, escaped with minor injuries in the incident, which happened
at 5.45 on a Monday evening.

A lawyer, demonstrating the safety of windows in a skyscraper,

crashed through a pane and plunged to his death

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Garry Hoy, a 38-year old lawyer and a senior partner at the Holden Day Wilson Law
 firm in Toronto, Canada, fell to his death on July 9, 1993, after he threw himself
against a window on the 24th floor of the Toronto-Dominion Centre, in an attempt
to prove that the glass was "unbreakable" to a group of visiting law students.
He had apparently attempted this stunt many times in the past, having previously
 bounced harmlessly off the glass. His first attempt failed to damage the glass at all.
On his second attempt the glass still didn't break but instead actually popped out of
the window frame, and he fell over 300 feet to his death.

Man dies after falling into vat of Hershey's chocolate

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In a scene straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but with grim real life
consequences, Vincent Smith II, an employee at the Cocoa Services Inc. chocolate
factory in Camden, New Jersey, had a fatal accident. He was loading chunks of raw
chocolate, when he slipped and fell into a large melting tank filled with 50 C (120F)
Hershey's chocolate, and was knocked out by one of the mixing paddles. Smith was
trapped in the melting tank for 10 minutes before rescuers were able to extract him.
He was declared dead a short time later.

Roller Coaster Operator, caught by hair, gets scalped and killed

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In 2003, an American amusement park operator was killed when his hair and arm
got caught on a roller coaster car, pulling him up as high as 12 metres before he
fell, back-first, onto a fence. Doug McKay, 40, was spraying lubricant on the tracks
 of the Super Loop 2, a ride at the Island County Fair on Whidbey Island, northwest
of Seattle, when his long hair got caught on a car full of fairgoers. It basically
scalped him, then he fell and landed on the fence.

Man dies after bee attack at his wife's funeral

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Jaam Singh Girdhan Barela, a 50-year-old man, died after being stung by a swarm
of honeybees while he was cremating his wife in a Madhya Pradesh village.
The bees were disturbed after flames from the funeral pyre enveloped their nest
in Naya Bilwa village in Khargone district, 330 km from there. While others fled,
 Barela could not, as he was performing the rituals. He died following multiple stings.

An entire soccer team dies after being struck by a lighting during a match

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During a game between Bena Tshadi and visitors Basanga in the Democratic Republic
of the Congo, all 11 members of a football team were killed by a bolt of lightning
which left the other team unhurt. Thirty other people received burns at the match.
The two sides were drawing 1-1 in the match in eastern Kasai Province when the
lightning struck the visiting team. The athletes from the home team curiously came
 out of the catastrophe unscathed.

Teenager girl dies after getting hit by a hockey puck

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Brittanie Cecil, an American 13-year-old hockey fan, died two days after being
struck in the head by a hockey puck shot by Espen Knutsen at a game between
the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Calgary Flames at Nationwide Arena in Columbus,
Ohio, on March 16, 2002. It was the first fan fatality in the NHL's history. A shot by
the Blue Jackets' Espen Knutsen was deflected by the Flames' Derek Morris and
went over the glass behind the net, striking her in the left temple. She died
nearly 48 hours after being struck.

Italian stripper suffocates to death inside surprise cake

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In Consenza, Italy, stag party friends were curious when a stripper failed to jump
 out of a huge cake. Assuming she was no longer in there, they received a nasty
surprise when they found her dead inside it. Gina Lalapola, 23, had suffocated
after waiting for an hour inside the sealed cake.

Man dies after his ambulance stretcher rolled down

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In 1991, Edward Juchniewicz, a 76-year-old man, was killed when the ambulance
stretcher he was strapped to rolled down a grade and overturned. The ambulance
attendants, while speaking to a doctor's staff, had left the stretcher unattended.
Juchniewicz suffered a head injury and died a short time later. He was being
transported from a nursing home to a doctor's office for an appointment.

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