Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[FAO] Why do we light Diya's on Diwali?


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Why do we light Diya's on Diwali?

It is a proven fact that most of the dominant as well as weak planets can be balanced and strengthened by remedies. We have experienced this in real life. Some people flourish in spite of having a weak planetary combination while others suffer a lot for reasons known only to the almighty. Why is this so?

We hear people saying that sometimes a sinner leads a happy life whereas a perfect saint with a pure heart suffers with so many problems. The main reason for this is karma - whether you accept it or not/whether you believe it or not!

Many of the Indian rituals, or rather almost all of them, have a lot of significance. Some hidden reasons may not be known by us but they are very much there! For example, we can't say that there is no moon on new moon day. After all, it is not visible to us. It is as simple as that!

Hinduism believes in sin and virtue! Nothing can be stopped. Everything happens like how a pre-recorded CD is played again. We hear people arguing that whatever should happen, will happen. No doubt. You cannot stop things from happening. We know that we cannot stop the sun from scorching in summer and the rain from pouring in the rainy season. Nevertheless, we do not allow ourselves to suffer due to the same! We use a cap, umbrella or rain-coat. Even though we know we cannot stop the natural phenomena, we are smart enough to find a way to protect ourselves.

Likewise, we know for certain that we cannot stop the planets from doing their perfect duties. We know that we have to accept their authority, even if they are totally against us. That is why we use a rain-coat or cap against the planets in the form of remedies.

Strong remedies work like a sunscreen or winter cream! We will undergo what we have to, but we will not suffer due to the same. In general, many types of astrological remedies are suggested whenever a planet is weak in a horoscope.

Some are in the form of gems. Others are in the form of offerings/prayers. But it is strongly recommended that lighting lamps is the best remedy.

To please Guru/Jupiter one can light a ghee lamp. To please Saturn, one can light a gingili oil lamp. There will be a strong effect and power for such remedies.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we light a lot of diyas/deepas/ lamps on the day of Diwali. Lights will show us a path of remedy from all sins.
It is a strange truth that Diwali has astrological significance. Even the number of lights lit on that day have a numerological influence on us. We may try 30 or 39 or 66 or 94… 102 ghee lamps to please Guru/Jupiter. If you want to convince Saturn, you may light 8, 17, 26, 35, 44… 107 gingili oil lamps.

Probably, those who did these remedies knowingly or unknowingly are destined to be free of troubles. And lamps are hot - probably to burn our sins! Have a great Diwali!

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