Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[FAO] Most Secured Things


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Most Secure Front Door
Most Secure Front Door – Manufactured by a Colombian-based company, this $2500 door is certainly not one to be messed with and might even have gone well in the Silohome. Sporting level 3 armor, it can full withstand Magnum rounds being fired into it. Add that to the range of other features it has and you've got one badass door: anti-fire, steel frame, anti-explosive, anti-cutting equipment, locks in ten places all around the door frame and it even comes with a biometric lock that senses for blood flow and fingerprints (the blood flow-sensing is of particular importance, as criminals used to just cut the fingers off of victims to bypass previous fingerprint locks, so if the finger isn't attached to a person, no blood flow, no open door). This is one door you don't want to lock yourself out of.

 Bold Lane car park in the town of Derby, England, is unquestionably the most secure car park in the world. With space for 440 cars, it has been operating for over 10 years and there has not been a single reported case of theft or vandalism, which is unbelievable for a UK car park. Some of the features include: a network of over 190 CCTV cameras (welcome to England) monitored by a single operator who can also monitor pedestrian access, a panic button which can send the whole building into lockdown and block off all the exits, and all the tickets are bar-coded (and required for re-entry into the parking complex) and matched to a specific parking bay. The most sophisticated aspect would be the sensors built into each parking bay and these sensors are able to detect not only any horizontal movement (such as the car being driven off) but any vertical movement (such as someone getting into the car without having paid for the ticket first) as well. That just leaves the question of how much more it costs to park there than it does at a normal car park.

Most Secure Bunker
Most Secure Bunker – This would be Saddam's bunker. An impenetrable underground fortress (or should that be "lair"?) so hardcore, that even bombs couldn't get in. You remember those 2-ton "bunker busting" bombs the armed forces were so proud of? Well, US forces dropped a couple of them clean on top of Saddam's bunker and while the palace above the bunker was quite damaged, nothing inside the bunker was affected at all. Apparently, the shelter could withstand a nuclear blast from a bomb going off just 200 meters away, it was that awesome. Designed by the grandson of the woman that built Hitler's bunker, it came with its own power station, water treatment plant and air filtering system. The bunker also had food (both dried and frozen) supplies so that the occupants (around 100 people) could survive for over a year.

Most Secure Record Vault
Most Secure Record Vault – The award for this category goes to the Mormon-owned records store situated inside the Granite Mountains in Utah (would it be included in cheap building insurance if it's in a mountain?). Commonly referred to as "The Vault", it is a massive feat of excavation, going far into (and deep under) solid mountain rock. The inside is climate-controlled to prevent damage to anything it houses, kept at a constant 60 degrees, with the air being re-filtered every 6 or so hours to get rid of any dust and to keep humidity levels at the norm. Fire-proof, flood-proof and even earthquake-proof, the vault also contains extensive motion and heat detectors, and as well as infrared sensors, there are also a few 6-ton blast doors and seismic sensors can detect any drilling that might be the result of a would-be thief. Your objects are safe as can be at this place.

Most Secure Bank Vault
Most Secure Bank Vault – A list of this type just isn't complete without this addition, as Fort Knox is arguably the most famous of secure places. Commonly called Fort Knox, but actually the United States Bullion Depository, which is located NEAR Fort Knox army post. The building itself is a fortress in security and design, under which lies the vault itself, protected by solid granite walls and a door that weighs 22 tons. The vault is opened by a combination which is provided by various members of the staff, as no single person has the entire combination (much like the KFC chicken recipe). The whole place is also protected by alarms, cameras, armed guards (the US Mint Police), as well as soldiers from the nearby army base (thousands of soldiers as well as helicopter gunships).

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