Thursday, December 4, 2008

[FAO] Information that PUNE and GOA is NEXT Target for laksher-e-taiba---


Please go and read today's mid Day paper.

Azam Amir Kazab the coward terrorist has given information that PUNE and GOA is NEXT Target for laksher-e-taiba---it has come in Mid day today.

And 490 odd militants are being trained.

This event may take place on New Year's Eve or Xmas.

I urge you take this seriously. Think twice if you have planned for anything for New Years Eve and pls be cautious.

 Please browse below link. Its Important
Lets not be scared but it's always good to be precautions.

For those who cannot access the link:

500 militants plan to enter India posing as fishermen


Fresh reports indicate that fidayeens are likely to carry out terror attacks in Goa and Pune on the eve of Christmas and New Year

UNDER THREAT: Fidayeens plan to infiltrate Goa because its long coastline and security loopholes suit marine militants

Mumbai police and the central intelligence agencies are questioning Azam Amir Kasab on the whereabouts of the 490-odd militants who were trained at the same camp in Pakistan as him. A copy of an intelligence report available with MiD DAY indicates that more than 500 terrorists plan to enter the country posing as fishermen.

Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist in custody of the crime branch, has told the police that he is a Pakistani and had undergone training at a Lashkar camp in Pakistan.

The questioning assumes significance in the wake of fresh reports that fidayeens plan to infiltrate Goa and Pune. A senior officer with the Anti-Terrorism Squad confirmed that Pune is on the hit list of the fidayeens because of the booming real estate in the city and its emergence as an IT hub. Goa was a terror target two years ago as well.

The long coastline in Goa and the security loopholes there suit marine militants. Both Pune and Goa also have a large inflow of foreigners potential targets of the fidayeens. It is reported that the terrorists are likely to strike on the eve of Christmas and New Year.

ISI training

Interrogation of a few militants by the central intelligence agencies has revealed that the ISI along with the Navy is imparting training to LeT terrorists and other groups like the Hizbul Mujahideen and Jamait-e-Musalman.
The fidayeens are taught to swim, handle large boats, lay mines in coastal zones and plant bombs under dams, bridges and ships. The final phase relates to training in navigational techniques, rescue operations, surveillance methods, concealment of explosives and underwater attacks on enemy targets and coastal vessels.

Al-Qaeda threat in December '07
In December 2007, the al-Qaeda threatened to carry out terror attacks in Goa. Indian authorities decided to strengthen security in Goa after intelligence agencies warned of a 'Bali-like' attack, referring to the 2002 bombings that  killed 202 people, many  of them foreigners on vacation.Usually, tens of thousands of backpackers arrive in Goa in December to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

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