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Re: [FAO] 10 Basic Tips For the Internet Explorer (IE)

Dear Ravi ji ]
This type of information helps the net users.This is positive work.please carry on.....!

Acharya Dr. Anoop Gaur
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Date: Thursday, 11 December, 2008, 11:34 AM


Join me @ forangelsonly

Join me @ forangelsonly

In order to use the Internet Explorer (IE) effectively, we have some basic tips for you to try…

   1. To extend the window area of the IE, you can make it easy by pressing the F11 key. Then you press it again in order to return the IE to the normal window.

   2. Sometimes you want to search a keyword in a long web page that you are surfing. How do you do ?? Just press Ctrl+F and place the keyword you want.

   3. Using Backspace key in your keyboard instead of clicking Back in the IE window.

   4. You can close your IE window that you are surfing by Ctrl+W.

   5. To see the surfing websites history, Press F4 key to see the URL which you have typed.

   6. Press Ctrl+D in order to save the url which you are surfing. And the url will be in the Favorites.

   7. To send a web page to your friend. Do you know we can send it by email from the IE's tools ? Let you try it, go to File > Send > Page by E-mail...

   8. To slide the web page by using the keyboard, try it with the arrow keys. To slide it to the bottom and the top of the web page, try the End and Home key.

   9. If you find a picture that you prefer it to be the desktop wallpaper, you can immediately set it, right click on the picture area and select the Set as wallpaper.

   10. To slide the web page gradually, you may use the Page up,
Page down and Spacebar keys. Try it !

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