Sunday, December 7, 2008

Re: [FAO] Important Message : Collective Replies

Methods are determined from goals
If Raj Thackerays' methods are wrong, then its because
his goal and purpose was/is wrong ..
When in India, speak Indian
And what language would that be??
If Hindi is the national language, then it should be followed nationally ...
Or rather, if every state were to implement its own language,
then what is the point of having a National language??
For speeches on 15th August and 26th January???
What you are proposing is exactly what was being done by
extremists in Punjab in the name of Khalistan??
Number plates were forced to be in Punjabi,
girls were warned against cutting their hair ...
A whole culture was sought to be imposed ..
by those who thought they had the right to do it ...
Going to any part of India and being able to communicate in Hindi
would be a a feather in our nationalist cap - not a drawback ...
It would at least ensure that all those who did speak the local language
did so voluntarily and from the Heart, something that has staying power
unlike under threat to their livelihood ... which never survives ...
If people in the south do not reply to you if you speak in hindi 
then they are not being Indians ...
They ought to be criticised ..
instead of using them as an example to do the same ...
in your Home state 
A nation of 26 states with 26 languages ...
Do you expect an indian to learn all 26 languages
just to be able to move around in his own country ??
And How do you propose to distinguish the natives from the visitors ??
Do you propose asking a person where He is from before you reply to him
in the language you think is right ...
Use some sense ..
You cannot make a people honest or truthful or peaceful
under threat of Law or by passing a bill in parliament ..
Al that Mumbai is ... it is because of the combined efforts
of all indians who chose to make it their home ...
The Britishers made it a port because of the natural formation
so that they wouldn't have to work from scratch ... 
The original inhabitants were anyway the Kolis or the fishermen
who no one bothers about now ... The Marathi manoos came later
as a migrant just like the rest ... 
The film Industry is located in Mumbai but earns money from all over India
The filsm are released all over India and the fame for the actors is from
that ... if the films were released only in maharashtra and the money earned only
from there, then it would have made sense to want 80% of the benefit for locals
You want the credit and benefit to go only to the marathi manoos ??
Raj Thackeray alternately talks about Maharashtrians and marathi manoos
.... a clever ploy that allows him to shift his stand between domiciled maharashtrians
and the marathi manoos as the situation on the ground demands politically ....
If anything, He will/has only given the marathi manoos a bad name
and made it difficult for him to live peacefully in other states as many
incidences against them has shown ...
The Devil may quote the scriptures, but that does not make him God ...
With best wishes from

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Date: Sunday, December 7, 2008, 10:31 AM

I aprreciate your feelings and agree with them.
veer singh

Actually you have done a good job. I salute the brave soldiers
who were fought against terrorist and save our country
and specially them who lost their lives. Thank you very much

devansh parmar

Well said Prachi,
Good answer to the Raj Thackrey's Party.
Keep it up.

Bajaate Raho!

Manish Trivedi
RED FM (Mumbai)
Bajaate Raho!
sorry.... but i dont think he is fighting for aamchi mumbai.
he raised some questions and i guess those were right....
possible that he may be using the issue for vote
but think about situation and population of mumbai
these incidents (terror attack) will keep happening in same manner if we will not think seriously
we are not supporting raj thackrey.. may be he is playing politics but same time we keep appriciating peoples like lalu yadav and jaya bacchan and rest politicians this is not right.
and are you sure that not a single maharastrian faught against terrorist or died
dont you consider yourself to think deeply on issue or just wants to be a critic
who dosent care about the results
so think deeply you will find many other big problems and questions of our country
i think you dont know about the incident happen in ORRISA last week some HINDI BHASHIK were killed by local peoples. raise your voice against them too......
please dont think like an ordinary person
Dear Prachi
What you are saying ???????----- --------- -------  ki ko e bhi marathi manus nahi hai ............ aap bhool gayi ki vijay salaskar  marathi nahin hai ???????
kya aap bhool gayi ki " Hemant Karkare " marathi manus nahin hai ????????
Kya aap yeh bhi bholl gayi ki " Kamate " bhi marathi manus nahin hai ??????
kya aap yah bhi bhool gayi ki " Shashan Shine" bhi marathi manus nahin hai ?????
main aapaka gussaa raj thakare ki prati samaj sakata hoon ............ .lekin aap to kaha rahi ki NS G commando main ek bhi marathi manus nahin hai ???????????? ?/ are you sure ???????????/ ki un 200 commando main ek bhi maratahi nahin tha????????? ??I am asking you this question once again ??????
aakhit aap kya sidhha karana chahati hain ????????/ aaj aapas main ladana zagadana  ke liye yein sahi vakta nahin ha???????/ ek time hain sab ek sath ladane ka ............ ......... ....aare aub kitane din Raj Thakare ka mudda aap pakada kye baithegi ....chod do en sabako ....aur ek sath khande ko khanda milakae khade jo jav ....
  "Suryakant Deshmukh"

Thank you sir Jai Bharat maa
Shiripal Mastana
Dear Prachi,
I vote in favour of your statement.
Its an excellent remark made by you. Thanks.

by the way prachi...

why it happened in mumbai u know...??? coz is economy capital of india.....

there in mumbai what happened is bad thing... and thinking and talking about  raj thakarey now is not good better that we dont make any kind of issue on this subject... maybe there north, south indian ncg commando was gone to save mumbai is accepted... but we dont want to think it... coz what happened in mumbai can happen into north, south india too...then.. .??? then also u will say same thing....??? ? common dont increase Poisson in peoples mind   so dont make politics with this thing... what way raj was taken is wrong... but his point is not wrong... every big city in india have this kind of problem..... this time to forget fights between indians and come together to fight against terrorists please stop to increase poison in some bad peoples mind by sending this kind of mails please learn when which kind of thing we need to do and say.... maybe u have anger about that specific person but ur time to say this thing is wrong... if u watch then most peoples which died in it are from marathi... maybe some save them from north or south... but what kind of poison u r increasing is a way of making 2 groups in indians.... 

wish god give u good mind... and some brain what to talk..... u need to share pain of families of died families not to put fire in peoples heart about that language issue what raj was did same u r doing... 

<>and i know how much heart indian politicians keeps, 3days after death of commando they are going to his home for sharing his pain... so better that dont believe on any politicians. ...

<>I request to all groups that dont believe on this kind of fucking mails of some mad peoples... make issue of good thing.... not of a bad thing... mumbai is baddest thing in present so please dont make issue on it. share pain of death peoples not to increase by this kind of things....

With Regards,
one indian 
Dark Heart

  Hiiiiiiiiiiii Prachi u r right very nice bilkul sahi kaha hai tumney jiyio sabbash keep it up


prachi really rocks.I salute to prachi.
shivratan soni

ARMY is of INDIA not of NORTH or SOUTH INDIA, you are insulting ARMY
with these thoughts.

Do not you rememeber 3 Officers & 11 Hawaldars of MUMBAI POLICE FORCE
hace sacrified their lives in this incedent?
Who were they, NORTH INDIANS? no They were MARATHEE.... .

Commandos are trianed to fight these extreme conditions.
No INSPECTOR in any state can fight with REVOLVER againest AK-47,
AK-56, even he is from NORTH INDIA.
I think you know those bastards, had got COMMANDO training, so TIT for
TAT is must.

Our politians are most right people to abuse, but we can not do it
also as we had voted & elected them.
So change LEADERSHIP in BIHAR, UP, throw LALOO & MAYAWATI where they
should be [IN DUSTBIN]

Then comment.

Now, about RAJ Thakarey :

His way may be wrong, but what he says is truth & hence it hurts most
Every coin has two sides, think on other part also.

Imagine, BIHAR as MAHARASHTRA [Culture, Progress, LIfestyle], if it
could be the same why you guys come to MAHARASHTRA?
When you are coming to MAHARASHTRA, to improve & enjoy life, feel
secure, do not you think you should respect & involve in MARATHI

"ATHITI DEVO BHAV" is MAHARASHTRA's culture, but if ATHITI is creating
mess then it should be stopped.
There is tremendous rise in Corruption, Crime since last 810 years,
reason being unemployement, illiteracy, poority.
Any government in the world can not provide basic needs if there is
unlimited inflow of peoples, resulting in to above conditions.
So you should think on that part also.

If you go to USA, FRANCE, or Germany do not you bahave as if you are
Then whats wrong in being MAHARASHTRIAN? Can not you use MARATHI in local life?
Go to south & try to speak in HINDI at local places, they will ignore
you like anything...

More over rather than abusing Marathi People & their true leaders, you
should think on How BIHAR & UP can come to level of MAHARASTRA, do not
you think you are running away from facts at HOME & still being brave
to INSULT localites on other places...

I would say, if you guys realy have guts, please try make your STATE
eligible to LIVE Happily.
What Maharastrian leaders had done in 60 yrs after INDEPENDANCE, UP &
BIAHR is not upto 10% of it.
Inspite of major part of Government Officers are from NORTH INDIA. Why
do not you think on that?

IF you had been to MUMBAI you will
never say that expect some part every where it is Dirty & Ugly.

We also agree, We should think of INDIA then why only HINDI Speaking
States are prefered in Government Employment, can not we speak HINDI?

There are many things to think on, do think on that also.
Think as if MARATHEES are creating MESS in UP & BIHAR. Then come out
with your feelings.
Dear All,
This is my reply to irked email by Prachi Desai. 
You mean Raj and his MNS should control Mumbai. Give them Guns and Granade like NSG commondos, then they can also do the job of NSG. You want to control such a calamity by political party and politician, then what is the need of Arm forces,NSG,Police  for security ? 
What NSG did, NSG came in City after 16 Hours , by the time terrorist killed almost 150 innocent. Also they took long 59 hours for operation to kill just 8 terrorist ( While Mumbai police killed one terrorist and catched one in 4 Hrs ).  I appreciate their efforts. I resepct both NSG and Mumbai Police and don't want to compare their efforts . But I got panic by the Prachi's irked and request you all don't compare this National calamity with regional issues.
Our Police officers also have sacricfice their lives, even they dont have guns and helicopters like NSG commondos.
Just read the article in Maharashtra times dated 30th November and you will understood , how MNS workers helped out , donate blood, help commanodos to show the way (Gallibol) of Nariman House, Taj area, supply with foods and Main thing they maintain peace in city.
Where is Laloo Prasad, coz most of the vicitims dead at CST railway station, he has not announced any aid for this vicitims from railway fund. But at  same time he gave aid (reward as a Shahid) to Rahul Raj , who dead in encounter with Police for hostages almost 50 innocent passengers.   
If Raj and MNS have fought with terrorist and killed them, then same Laloo would have say that, Raj thackrey have killed innocent terrorist and punish him or hang him. Also would have gave some crores from railway fund to terrorist family.   
You are saying pass this email to everbody, then what is differnce between us  and terrorist. They wants to weaken India by their terror and we are trying to weaken India by our all this did.
Request you all,  to maintain harmony between all casts and states of India, Please stop all this nonsensed emails. Don't forward it.
Jai Hind   
Vinod Neharkar
Dear Prachi,
Your msg does not give a good test . In these inhuman attacks by the terrorists, where does bravery of Raj Thackeray or MNS comes in? Why get mixed up with two issues? If you are asked as to wher were your brothers or father during terror attacks and what did they do to save Mumbai--whats your answer? Do you think commondos comprise only of UP/South Indian? Don't spoil the spirit of good cause by irrational views.

Ashok Sonalkar
Aisa lagtha hai bahut dino se ubalta hua khon ko Aaj Cool hua.
That's the sprit of national integrity, which everyone should have, I am strongly with you.
Good dear

we proude to be indian ............ .....

bahut accha

ha ha ha

************ ********* ***
Thanks & Regards
Basant Nema
Network Engineer

nice message mam
harsha vr

Hi Prachi and All others,
An answer to your question abt Mr.Raj Thakare..... ......... ......... .
1) What is your problem with Raj Thackeray ? This is so typical of your north indian chauvinistic attitude.

- 14 marathi policemen lost their lives fighting for hostages in taj and oberoi. this 14 lives have no value in your mindset.

- how do you know nsg guys were non marathis ? please produce a list of all nsg commandos who took part in this operation.

- Re Raj , he was paying his last respects to ATS chief Karkare (name might mean nothing to you) and attending funeral of Mumbai hero Vijay Salaskar.

MNS ambulances were transporting people to hospitals and organising blood donation drive, but your "North Indian" journos deliberately avoided showing this kind of news.

it only shows the bias that Maharashtrians are suffering in this country.
2) But people are asking what Raj is doing.Frankly M.N.S supporters are wise enough to take initiative on their own.

People watching T..V. must have seen M.N.S Ambulance ferrying injured persons.
In Pune M.N..S stated blood donation activity at 2 oclock in morning(27nov) and got good response.
In Pune city 382,Pimpri Chinchwad 75 and in rural Pune 100 people donated blood in M.N.S camp by 5.30 in morning(REF. SAKAL 28NOV).
If more blood is needed it will be collected.
M.N.S had arranged blood donation camp through out Maharashtra.
This is list of marathi mannos died in fight with terrorist
1- Hemant Karkare (ATS Chief)
2- Ashok Kamthe ((Add.Comiss)
3- Vijay Salaskar (Sr.P.I.)
4- Shashank Shinde (P.I.)
5- Tukaram Hombal (A.S.I.)
6- Nanasaheb Bhosle (A.S.I.)
7- Baburao Bodvaje (P.S.I.)
8- A.R.Chitte (P.S.I)
9- M.C.Chaudhari (Rail Police)
10- Jaywant Patil (Police Shipaee)
11- Ambadas Pawar (Police Shipaee)
12- Vijay Khandekar (Police Shipaee)
13- Yogesh Patil (Police Shipaee)
14- Prakash More(Mulund) .
the comment against Raj saheb is only made by some anti- marathi politician . the people from maharashtra know what raj did for mumbai.
 <>3) Finally..... ......... ......... .  <>You are asking where is raj Thackeray ?
I have some questions to ask you -
Where was Sanjay Nirupam ?
Where was Kripa Shankar Singh ?
Where was Abu Azmi ? (Hopefully not helping the terrorists like he was helping them out during the '93 bomb blasts)
Where was UP wali Jaya Bacchan ?
In July 26 2006, there were massive floods in Mumbai. People died and their homes were swept away and this female in Rajya Sabha started asking for separation of Mumbai from Maharashtra. Reason - Amitabh could not take bath for THREE DAYS !!!


and you guys are asking questions of Rajsaheb.
" The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. "
Anand Dnyane

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