Wednesday, March 4, 2009

[FAO] Collective Replies For Swati's mail

Dear Friends,

Please send your valuable suggestion to Swati Only.

Have a rocking day
FAO Moderator

Sorry but i don t hv any inovative idea but i wd like 2 suggess the topic HAKKING which is not different but it create some interest of the people. they always like 2 do some thing which r short cut and haking is just part of it....

ok bye and yes i wd like some reply from ur side on the topic i suggested
and i want 2 knw in which colg u r doing MCA b"coz i m student of MBA
"ankit darji"

Think about this......Right to Information (RTI)


Avadhut Parsekar

Check out for a project in E Governance, or there is a system used at Anand "Gujrat" to keep the track of Milk in put and out put from various villages...

will give u few more... by 2morow morning...

take care,
God Bless!
Anil P Kshirsagar


reg.above subject i would suggest that protection from unauthorised person handling of atm debit cards that
should be full proof  so far we have 't succesed in this concept
madhusudan achar

Dear Swati, one thing I wd like to tell you,
for such a short time you try on google search, put your problem and get instant reply in the form of web sites. 
meanwhile you may get/got the help from Angrl fnds, 
So all the best, Good Luck, Keep smiling, n b happy.
jeewanlal dhote

You can try identification card systems which include finger prints, eye ball identifications. This avoids duplicacy and cheating. 
this type of identification system already started but there are lot of loop holes. you have to give check to that loop holes through improve the system
My idea may be invalid for you but I just want to give you a little bit thinking.
Best of luck Swati.

prabhakara rao rapolu
willpower makes impossibles possible

Time Management Systems
Ghasturi Ramayah
u can take the project related to BPOs.
i would sugges to u for "call register" of any customers etc...etc...

Surya Singh
Hi I am a GIS Developer,
I go through your mail please to know your intrest So I suggest you to develop a very latest Web Application based on GIS that integrates the Google Earth. You Got many examples on the Autodesk MapGuide sites.
Thanking You
Amjad Khan
GIS Developer

online banking system 


hi dear
i have one idea 4 u
u can make project abo bio-gas plant which gives us 2 thing 1. is power 4 elect. & 2.shortage of lpg
pls make it
reply me 4 u like tht
Rakesh Jadav


You may please choose of scurity asspect in computer enivornment. Eg. Virus protection of your system, Preventing system from hackers etc. Online transction protection, detection of fraud etc.Since I am System Auditor, we alsways study security aspect of given system while auditing any system. I hope so topic suggsted to you will fruitful to you.
With Warm Regards
CA Atul Mehta



Swati I don't know you but I got your ma mind i have 3 topics...

1.  Telecommunication

2.  Voice Recognition

3.  Stock Exchange

All the very best for your future....

Thanks and regards

Kurunji Sharath Kumar
hi  svaati ji !! 
project.    god bless you   b r d
you are seeking a  topic for a project,eh /  i hav a suggestion.
you know in vernacular languages, tke key board for typing is very complicated...?   there is UNICODE programme too.  but many a riters, poets find it difficult  to manage.  can you work out a system that supports a group or  a team that undertakes the jb yo get the ..say  hindi or gujarati stuff transcribe    even send to any magazine the author instructs  on the authour's behal;f ..... or help to prepare the ryped copy for publcation /   you can take responcibilty to update the blogs/   web site for the authors.     i dint know how far this is ok for you.  as such i'm the author finding such difficulties.   even I NEED HELP in the regard.   anyway  i wish u the best for yourPROJECT ....GOD BLESS YOU, FR.PROJEC#T  b t d

On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 4:52 PM, sv.13vermas <> wrote:

Hi Friends....

I am Swati right now doing BCA (Sem 4)... There is a subject as "Information systems" in which we have to work on a project... The project should be based on some system like-- Transaction processing system, Payroll System, Online reservation system, Online purchasing system etc... etc....

So i want a new FRESH TOPIC on which i can prepare my project...All the above topics are old... I want some Innovative topics in which i can include some of the new features... We have to give seminars on those topics at the NATIONAL LEVEL.... Can anyone suggest me some of the names of the system on which my project work could be prepared... Well, it is very urgent, b'coz last day of topic submission is 6th of march (i.e day after tommorrow). So, please it is a kind request for all those helpers who could suggest me new topic...

well, anybody who have new ideas and new innovations can contact me on ----

Thanking you to all my friends.....

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