Wednesday, March 4, 2009

[FAO] Need Help....

Hi Friends....

I am Swati right now doing BCA (Sem 4)... There is a subject as "Information systems" in which we have to work on a project... The project should be based on some system like-- Transaction processing system, Payroll System, Online reservation system, Online purchasing system etc... etc....

So i want a new FRESH TOPIC on which i can prepare my project...All the above topics are old... I want some Innovative topics in which i can include some of the new features... We have to give seminars on those topics at the NATIONAL LEVEL.... Can anyone suggest me some of the names of the system on which my project work could be prepared... Well, it is very urgent, b'coz last day of topic submission is 6th of march (i.e day after tommorrow). So, please it is a kind request for all those helpers who could suggest me new topic...

well, anybody who have new ideas and new innovations can contact me on ----

Thanking you to all my friends.....

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