Monday, March 9, 2009

[FAO] Recover deleted files - DATA recovery software


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Pursuant to the mail on Politcal machinations (PArt 2)
and the advise
to secure our computers,
the following is a continuation of posts
to secure your computer and DATA
The first posted yesterday in no particular order of importance 
iISystem Wiper
The next one is a software that is useful
for recovering deleted files ... accidentally deleted files mostly,
but you can still use it to recover files if not much time has elapsed.
The software is called REST 2514. Its by Brian Kato ..
(Its another must have software like the iIsystem wiper)
You just enter the file name or its extension and it shows you the list of files
it has recovered .. Its very effective if not much time has elapsed since you
deleted the file, although I have recovered files even a week, sometimes
even a month after it was deleted ..
It also depends upon How exhaustively you use the computer or the
particular drive from where the file was deleted ..
If the drive has been subjected to a lot of deleting and writing files or
saving files on it, then it may not recover the file that well ..
That's why I said it in the beginning ...
Its great for recovering files that have been accicentally deleted ..
But Hey, it does what it does and it does it very well ...
So who's complaining ..
Yuo know what? You could test it by creating a dummy file ..
deleting it and then trying to recover/undelete it ..
Go ahead .. try it ..
Here's the link to the website from where you can download it ..
Or here's the direct link to the download page
Another thing about this software is its not required to be installed ..
Just extract or unzip the file into a folder and you are ready to run it ...
No installation means no cluttering up the registry and if you don't want it,
just delete the folder and its gone .. I mean, you could literally sav it
in your flash drive (pen drive) and recover files from there
plus, its size ... just 200 KB .. Huh!!!!!
AND, its freeware!!!! !!!!!!!!! !! Hooray ...
I love freeware stuff ..
No demos, no 15 days working and then having to buy ..
Just use it and if you feel inclined, many of these developers also
give you their emails or addresses to send them money .. .
Well, Hope this one works for you just as well

With best wishes,


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