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[FAO] Brain foods that help you CONCENTRATE


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Brain foods that help you CONCENTRATE

Ginseng, Fish, Berries, or Caffeine?

Listen to the buzz about foods and dietary supplements and you?ll believe they can do everything
from sharpen focus and concentration, to enhance memory, attention span, and brain function.

But do they really work?
There?s no denying that as we age chronologically, our body ages right along with us.
The good news is that you can increase your chances of maintaining a healthy brain ?
if you add ?smart? foods and beverages to your diet.

Brain foods that help you CONCENTRATE

Caffeine Can Make You More Alert

There?s no magic bullet to boost IQ or make you smarter ? but certain substances,
like caffeine, can energize and help you focus and concentrate. Found in coffee, chocolate,
energy drinks, and some medications, caffeine gives you that unmistakable wake-up buzz ? though
the effects are short term. And more is often less:
Overdo it on caffeine and it can make you jittery and uncomfortable.

Brain foods that help you CONCENTRATE

Sugar Can Enhance Alertness

Sugar is your brain?s preferred fuel source ? not table sugar, but glucose,
which your body metabolizes from the sugars and carbohydrates you eat. That?s why a
glass of something sweet to drink can offer a short-term boost to memory,
thinking processes, and mental ability.

Consume too much, however, and memory can be impaired ? along with the rest of you.
Go easy on the sugar so it can enhance memory, without packing on the pounds.

Brain foods that help you CONCENTRATE

Protein & Brain Function Connection

One of the great benefits of protein is that it generally makes you feel satisfied longer
than carbohydrates and fats. Eating a diet rich in lean and low-
fat protein is good for weight
loss and overall
health ? though it?s hard to draw a connection with brain function.

Brain foods that help you CONCENTRATE

Fish Really is Brain Food

A protein source associated with a great brain boost is fish ? rich in omega 3 fatty acids,
essential for brain function and development. These healthy fats have amazing brain power:
higher dietary omega 3 fatty acids are linked to lower dementia and stroke risks; slower mental
decline; and may play a vital role in enhancing memory, especially as we get older.

For brain and heart health, eat two servings of fish weekly.

Brain foods that help you CONCENTRATE

Add a Daily Dose of Nuts and Chocolate

Nuts and seeds are good sources of the antioxidant vitamin E, which is associated with less cognitive decline as you age.
Dark chocolate also has powerful antioxidant properties, and contains natural stimulants like caffeine, which can enhance focus and concentration.

Enjoy up to an ounce a day of nuts and dark chocolate to provide all the benefits you need without excess calories, fat, or sugar

Brain foods that help you CONCENTRATE

Blueberries Are Super Nutritious

Research in animals shows that blueberries help protect the brain from oxidative stress
and may reduce the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer?s disease or dementia.
Studies also show that
diets rich in blueberries significantly improved both the learning capacity
and motor skills of aging rats, making them mentally equivalent to much younger rats.

Brain foods that help you CONCENTRATE

Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements?

Store shelves groan with supplements claiming to boost health. Although many of the reports
on the brain-boosting power of supplements like vitamins B, C, E, beta-carotene, and
magnesium are promising, they?re inconclusive.

Researchers are cautiously optimistic about ginseng, gingko, or vitamin, mineral,
and herb combinations and their impact on the brain.

A daily multivitamin is OK, but check with your doctor before taking other

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