Wednesday, April 29, 2009

[FAO] John Abraham Enters Hollywood


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John Abraham Enters Hollywood

John Abraham Enters Hollywood

Bollywood hunk John Abraham is all set to venture into Hollywood cinemas with gangster flick "American Empire".
Abraham, who earlier earned rave reviews in the Deepa Mehta's Oscar nominated film "Water", is currently reading the script of the film.

"I am pretty excited about the film. Right now I am reading the script and dwelling into the details of my character.
I am really glad to be a part of it," says John. The actor, however did not disclose much about his role in the film which
reportedly revolves around young woman and her hitman boyfriend.

John Abraham Enters Hollywood

The gangster drama will be directed by director Andy Armstrong, who last made TV series such as " The New Adventures of Robin Hood".
Armstrong will portray a bizarre picture of underworld with eccentric characters, angst and violence.

The 36-year-old actor, who is riding high on the success of gay-comedy "Dostana", hopes that the sequel of the film
will also charm the audiences. But Abraham did not confirm whether he would be a part of the sequel.

"Dostana-2 is definitely on. I really can't confirm if I am a part of it but
I am hoping for the best," the actor said.

Abraham is also excited about his upcoming film "New York", which is slated to hit the theaters in June.
The Bollywood hunk has stripped off for a sequence in the film where he is shown lying naked in the police
custody screaming about his innocence.

John Abraham is certainly flying high & after being voted the sexiest Asian 2008, John Abraham
hogged all attention & has attracted the Hollywood Industry.


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