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[FAO] Securing your computer - A Firewall


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Number 3) is Zonealarm

Privacy being under attack these days from all and sundry places 
people (what with surreptitiosly placed webcams, 
keylogging software, 
computer hacking, its almost as if 
ones whole life is now on show for 
whoever is ready 
to pay the big bucks for perverted voyeuristic pursuits
and pleasures...
But many times, it is we ourselves who do not take 
even the most basic 
precautions ... 
sometimes out of ignorance .. 
at other times due to laziness ..
I can do nothing about the latter, 
but so far as ignorance is concerned,
we can all chip in with whatever awareness 
can make our lives better 
and more in tune with the will of God.
In the light of the above, I am offering 
an anti-hacking software to secure your PC 
from unwanted attacks ..
For those who don't know what is hacking ....
Here's a short explanation ..
Your computer communicates with the net and 
cyberworld and 
other computers in a LAN network 
through portals (or doorways) 
known as ports ..  
There are around 65000 ports .. 
through which 
your computer can communicate ..
Relax, most of them are system .. 
and not for you to mess with ..
unless you are a pro . 
Like port 80 is used to access the internet websites .. 
Port 25 for SMTP email (outgoing) etc.. etc..
Now a hacker typically enters your computer through a port ...
an open port that allows him access .. 
Windows does have a 
password option .. 
but there is no limit on the number of attempts ..
So a hacker can theoretically try all possible combinations 
until he 
gains an entry into your system and 
once He/she does 
(Yes, hackers can be females too .. .. 
don't underestimate them
then they pretty much own your computer 
and can do 
whatsoever they wish ... 
Like create files,
delete files,'
modify files ..
even add files to incriminate you ... 
(like porn for example ... )

What an anti-hacking software does is prevent exactly that .. 
like for example - asking you or taking your permission 
whenever you (
or any software on your computer) tries to 
connect to outside sources or outside sources try to 
connect to your system as in the case of spywares ...
And different ones use different ways of doing that ...

Just go to the website and download their free version ..
for Home use .. To know more about hacking ...
also visit the site www.grisoft. com

There's another called Comodo Internet security
which combines a firewall with an antivirus ...

As an aside, I would also like to add that 
even with the above 
we still have the age old dilemma of

"Who will guard the Guardians?"
IN the above context, 
the anti-hacking software will protect you 
from hackers ...
How well can you trust that the company 
owning the anti-hacking 
software won't misuse it 
to gain access to your computer and use it 
for their own benefit ... good or bad .. eh? 
See .. security ..?
It works  ... rather cuts both ways .. 
By the way, the said software (zonealarm) 
has been acquired 
by an Israeli company last I heard .. 
Just giving you both sides of the picture ...
you decide what you wanna work with or around ...
You can also search on google for more freeware versions ...
But the above problem would remain with any software
that you install on your computer ...
What's the Solution you ask?? 
Learn Computers and write your own firewall software
Be safe .. Be happy

Ignorance is not an option and
Deliberate ignorance is a SIN


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