Tuesday, April 21, 2009

[FAO] Preity Zinta makes her Break Up with Ness Official !


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Preity Zinta makes her Break Up with Ness Official !

After using every trick known to keep her reported break-up with the eligible business tycoon,
Ness Wadia under wraps, it was Preity's astute business acumen that got the truth out of her.
Under dreary clouds for long, the dimply Miss Zinta and the dashing Wadia scion's love saga has reportedly drawn to a sad end.

There is no smoke without fire, they say, and this much-celebrated B-town couple's recent actions
sparked many such split rumours. Though the couple vehemently denied all such speculations,
the cat's out now it seems as the dazzling beauty has come in the open about her year love-affair gone kaput.

While the reason for the split is still unknown, a news daily claims that Zinta in a memo to her Kings XI Punjab team
stated loud and clear that her 'relationship with Wadia is only professional and they are just work buddies'.

The smooth façade of 'Preityness' relationship showed cracks, when the inseparable love-birds started to
make solo appearances. The couple that flashed their affection on every given occasion now remains only business partners.

Confirming the news, a daily even quoted a source as saying, "As there has been a lot of buzz about their personal equation,
Preity being extremely professional, felt it was important to clear the air. She owed it to her team members,
so she sent an official mail to those associated with the team. Now there are no more hushed whispers when
both Preity and Ness are around nor are people uncomfortable around them. It is really mature of her to be so
straight and clear cut about her personal and professional life."

Well, bleeding hearts and broken homes have become a regular in
filmdom - Preity Zinta is not the first one and she is certainly not the last too
Join me @ forangelsonly
Join me @ forangelsonly

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