Monday, April 20, 2009

[FAO] Wildlife Photographs


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Wildlife Photographs

Wild Life…Always fascinating, always full of surprises and wonders. We have gathered for you some beautiful wild animal pictures, in an amazing collection.
Bull Elephant Stands His Ground

author: Chris Johns

Close-Up of an African Lion

author: Chris Johns

Cheetah Mother and Cubs

author: Chris Johns

Two Tasmanian Devils

author: Paul A. Souders

Mountain Gorilla, Congo

author: Michael Nichols

Polar Bear Mom With Cub

author: Norbert Rosing

Zambezi Elephants, Africa, 1996

author: Chris Johns

Loango Hippos, Gabon, 2004

author: Michael Nichols

Ocelot on the Prowl

author: Annie Griffiths Belt

Female Lynx and Kitten

author: Norbert Rosing

Close-up of a Buffalo

author: Beverly Joubert

Handsome Bald Eagle

author: Michael Melford

Hyacinth Macaw in Flight

author: Joel Sartore

Mexican Axolotl

author: Stephen Dalton

Komodo Dragon

author: Kenneth Garrett

Hawaiian Monk Seal on the Sand

author: Bill Curtsinger

Arabian Camel in the Sahara Desert

author: Brooks Walker

Killer Whale Breaching

author: Gerard Lacz

Beluga Whale Swimming

author: Brian J. Skerry

Lounging Walrus

author: Joel Sartore

Emperor Penguins

author: Giuseppe Zibordi/Michael Van Woert

Wild Animal Park

author: cjmy2007


author: chuqui


author: chuqui


author: codespoti

Zebra Zen

author: digitalART2

Crocodile and Fish

author: antonsrkn

Crocodile Nursery

author: BB33FR

I am pretty crocodile

author: Thai Jasmine

La Vanille Crocodile Farm

author: Joachim S. Muller

Ostrich - ridiculous looking animal

author: Alf

Male Ostrich

author: Olivier DELAERE

Wild Duck

author: Sonic Wu


author: ArtJoy4Ever

Swans Washing

author: Stefania's Pictures

The Lone Wolf

author: Imapix


author: Imapix

Polar bear

author: floridapfe

Funny Squirrel

author: Elksteaks

Curious Squirrel

author: novocainated

Golden Monkey

author: floridapfe

Bear Pair

author: f0rbe5
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